4 Soft Skills and 4 Technical Skills Every Laravel Developer Should Have

People often say that knowledge is not enough when working for clients, whether we are a team or dedicated individuals. It’s important to find the right balance between soft and technical skills, especially if you are a software developer, or Laravel developer, to be precise.

Many think that technical knowledge and skills are crucial for professionals. But, even employers and recruiters appreciate it when the candidate is honest and transparent while maintaining an excellent communication level.

Soft skills are often overlooked, even though they are essential for the workplace and team. When it comes to IT roles, many recruiters are focused on technical skills. Software developers need different types of soft skills to succeed in today’s workplace. Some examples include problem-solving, communication, collaboration, leadership (if needed), and team building.

What Are the Most Important Soft Skills?

When it comes to soft skills, every recruiter looking for Laravel developers for hire should pay attention to these ones:

1. Communication Skills

As remote job positions are more available than ever, it’s important to pay attention to communication skills. The developer should know how to address some specific issues and resolve them on time.

It includes team meetings, direct communication, reporting issues, etc.

2. Critical Thinking and Self-Management

People who are able to think critically are great problem-solvers. They won’t ever claim their job is perfectly done and will always review the completed tasks.

They understand every situation and can objectively find a solution to specific issues.

Self-management skills are also crucial for success as a software developer. They should be able to maintain focus and motivation throughout the day. They should also be self-disciplined and disciplined enough to complete assignments on time.

3. Emotional Intelligence

Do you know that today EQ is more valuable than IQ? Surely, your IQ is what makes you accountable, reasonable, and eligible for the job position. But emotional intelligence is essential too.

It helps you respond better in specific situations and be empathetic and help coworkers resolve some issues. Also, highly emotional people learn faster and can accept any type of feedback.

4. Approachability

Being approachable means that everyone can contact you, expecting that you will respond properly to their suggestions or requirements.

Sometimes we are all consumed by our self-confidence and ego, making us hardly approachable. It’s a part of our character, but this skill is a must when it comes to being professional at work.

When we are approachable, other teammates feel confident enough to contact us and resolve some issues or ask for help.

Note: If you need to focus on some task, make sure you note that with your coworkers. When you are not available for communication, make it clear to the team so they won’t distract you.

IMG Source: Adeva

What About Technical Skills?

Now, we are ready to move to technical skills when you know what the main soft skills every Laravel developer should have.

1. Understand Algorithms and Data Structures

Everyone must be familiar with the basic data structures and algorithms as a software developer and programmer. This is probably one of your discussions on the technical interview.

Even at universities, data structure and algorithms are the first lessons students need to learn. It’s practically impossible to understand how Laravel works if you don’t know what algorithms and structures are.

2. Knowing how to use the Syntax

Every programming language and framework comes with plenty of elements. Syntax is one of them. It’s like you are speaking the language in a way a machine can understand you.

Frameworks are usually based on programming languages, like Laravel is based on PHP in this case. That means that before you can become a good Laravel developer, you need to learn PHP. It’s the same about all frameworks available.

If you don’t know the programming language, you will still be able to learn how to use the framework. But, the process will take more time and effort.

The syntax sometimes is confusing, but you can easily get used to it if you learn the language and understand structures and algorithms.

3. Debugging and Testing the Code

Debugging, as the very name says, it’s a process of removing errors or so-called bugs from the code. Usually, the developer uses a debugger to detect the errors and resolve them before the testing stage.

The goal is to clean the code from errors before you hand the project down to the testing team. Also, the developer should know some basic code testing things. That helps them detect additional mistakes they may overlook during the debugging phase.

4. Understanding how Laravel Works

It’s not enough just to know how to install laravel on windows or other operating systems. You also have to understand the tools and functionalities and learn how to use them properly.

Laravel is a PHP-based web app development framework. It’s used to split the architecture of the app into logical parts. Make sure you practice enough before you move to more serious projects. That’s how you are getting better in what you do, including coding with frameworks.

Why do we Need a Perfect Balance Between Soft and Technical Skills?

Today’s workforce requires a combination of these two skill sets. From managers who manage their teams to those who handle customer service issues, soft and technical skills are crucial. It improves the company’s discipline and image and helps the team increase productivity.

There is no doubt that technical skills and soft skills are equally crucial to success in corporate jobs. If you want to be successful in a company, both soft and technical skills are required.

So, if you are on the hunt for your perfect job as a Laravel developer, make sure you work on improving these primary skills. They will help you find the exact position you want and improve your chances of being seen by recruiters or team leaders.

We can conclude that every professional must maintain a balance between both sets of skills. You can be an exceptional developer, but your hiring chances decrease if your soft skills are poor.