Your Buying Guide to Ottomans

Ottomans are one of the most popular home accessories today. From the comfort they provide to the chic and stylish looks they give your home, ottomans have become a must-have staple in the home décor world. Find out more about these essential additions in the guide below.

What Is an Ottoman?

An ottoman is a large, cushioned footrest often used as a footstool. Ottomans usually have a low seat height, making them convenient and comfortable to use. Many ottomans serve as extra storage space, as well, making the perfect place to store blankets and pillows.

You can also find ottomans that double as additional seating. So if you have guests over, your ottoman ensures that you don’t run out of places to sit.

Types of Ottomans

There are many types of ottomans to suit your needs and preferences. Below are just a few for your consideration.

Tufted Ottomans: These ottomans are upholstered with high-quality fabrics and typically boast a textured surface. Some tufted ottomans feature storage inside, while others do not. 

Tray Top Ottomans: These interesting ottomans sport a center tray that’s built into the unit. Tray top ottomans are ideal for holding drinks, remotes, phones, etc. In some tray top ottomans, the tray can be removed for easier cleaning. 

Storage Ottomans: Storage ottomans sometimes feature a removable lid or a flip-up top. Inside, you can store all kinds of items, from blankets and pillows to books and magazines.

Benefits of Using an Ottoman

Ottomans bring a lot to the table. More than just fancy footrests, ottomans can provide everything from relaxation to relief. Check out these benefits and see what makes ottomans a must-have for many homeowners.

  • A soft, comfortable footrest that can double as extra seating in your home (especially if you don’t have a couch or extra seating in another room).
  • Bring style and personality to a room that may be lacking both.
  • Extra storage space underneath your ottoman.
  • If you use ottomans as a footrest, you can make your home more accessible for guests or loved ones who have limited mobility.
  • They can be a great cure for tired legs.
  • Ottomans can help strengthen your core and lower back muscles and are a great way to ensure healthy blood flow.
  • Some ottomans can serve as a desk when you need more space.
  • If your room is lacking extra seating, an ottoman can help you make the most of the space you do have in your home.
  • Ottomans are not only comfortable, but they are also practical and convenient.

If you don’t have a recliner but would love to be able to put up your feet after a hard day of work, an ottoman is a perfect addition.

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Which Ottoman to Get?

Choosing which ottoman to buy can be overwhelming. There are so many types of ottomans, and it can be hard to know what you’re looking for. The best way to choose an ottoman is to look at your needs and decide what you think is best for them. 

You can start by thinking about the reasons why you want an ottoman. Is it for extra seating? For storage? Strictly as a footrest? These will help you decide which type of ottoman is best for you.  

After you have determined the purpose of your ottoman, you can start looking at different types to determine which one is best for you. It’s worth pointing out that ottomans come in all different shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval

These are just a few of the shapes you’ll find as you research different models. When combined with all of the different colors, styles, dimensions, and features, you have plenty of options to ensure you find exactly what you want.