Why Is UPI a Better Choice to Pay Your Electric Bills?

It’s commendable to see how quickly India’s digital payments sector has developed. UPI solutions, NETC Fastag, digital wallets, etc., are just a few examples of the numerous digital goods and new use cases that are gaining traction in India and user acceptance.

One of the most widely used platforms for online payments, UPI continues to rule the nation’s digital payment market. Recent statistics indicate that UPI controls 56.5% (by volume) of person-to-merchant payments and 96.5% of all mobile payments overall. In addition, many people prefer using UPI as their preferred method of payment because of factors including simplicity, swifter transactions, and practical security measures.

UPI platforms have emerged as a favorite payment option for consumers, whether for paying utility bills, cell phone bills, or making purchases on e-commerce platforms. The UPI processed more than 6.6 billion transactions nationwide in August 2022, according to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), marking a significant milestone for the system.

  • Paying Bills Using UPI:

One of the bare minimums of our lives, electricity has quickly become. Nowadays, almost everything is governed by electricity, whether it be for banking or public transportation. Electricity is also necessary at all times, especially given how technologically advanced Indian households have become over the past five years. Fortunately, you can pay your HPSEB bill payment immediately. Instead, you could use your computer or mobile device to pay the electricity bill while relaxing in your room’s air conditioning. Following the instructions in this article, you can quickly pay your electricity bill online.

Regardless of the electricity boards, most electricity bills can be paid conveniently through apps like MobiKwik. Your UPI ID and bank accounts are now integrated into these financial technology apps, making payments much simpler and quicker. However, official state electricity board websites still allow you to pay your electricity bill. In any case, the procedure is mainly unchanged.

  • Benefits of Mobile-Based Payment Systems

More and more people are at ease paying their utility bills online through mobile banking now, using apps like MobiKwik that are also very easy to download. As a result, mobile technology has impacted a significant portion of our lives. The convenience that mobile-based payments provide—quick, simple, and easily accessible—has made them so popular. According to research, almost 67% of consumers pay their electricity bills using mobile-based payments. However, it’s obvious that people’s preferences have changed over the past few years. Let’s examine the various mobile-based payment methods available for paying your electricity bills and their advantages.

  • Paying Your Electricity Bill with the BHIM UPI App:
  1. Activate the BHIM UPI app on your smartphone.
  2. Choose “Pay Bills” from the menu.
  3. Tap “Electricity” in the drop-down menu of categories.
  4. Select the appropriate electricity board.
  5. Type in your customer ID.
  6. After entering your UPI PIN and the outstanding bill amount, click the checkbox.
  7. Your payment will be processed right away.
  • Why Should You Pay Your Electricity Bills Via UPI?

It’s simple, quick, and convenient to pay your power bills using mobile-based payment channels like Google Pay, the BHIM UPI app, or MobiKwik. Because of this, many individuals frequently pay their electricity bills online using their smartphones. So let’s examine the advantages of using a mobile device to pay electricity bills.

  1. A Simple Payment: Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone or knows someone who does. Mobile-based payment gateways are a practical option for paying electricity bills because of how easily they are accessible and how quickly payments are processed. Additionally, you avoid the additional hassle of giving the proper change for your costs by doing this.
  2. Safe Transactions: Mobile payments are pretty secure. The majority of payment gateways include additional security measures. These consist of 2FA, fingerprint scanning, and biometric verification, among many other things. The risk of theft of hard currency is also significantly decreased when making payments online. Additionally, the customer’s information and transactions are safe and secure thanks to techniques like tokenization and blockchain.
  3. Various Payment Methods: All mobile-based payment gateways support a variety of payment methods, including UPI, mobile wallets, debit and credit cards, internet banking, and mobile wallets.
  4. Reduces time: You can avoid waiting in lines because payments are made instantly through your mobile phone. If you switch to mobile-based payments, you won’t have to wait in line or scurry around looking for a change.

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Online payment of power bills could initially seem difficult, especially considering the number of steps. However, you’ll realize how simple, quick, and secure the process can be once you’ve completed the payment a few times for your HPSEB bill payment. This online payment technique gives us a more convenient choice for paying bills and saves us a tonne of time.