Cold winter comes to us all of a sudden. And all tourists are immediately divided into two types: some want to go back to summer, and others are going to conquer the high mountains. So where and who needs to go in the winter of 2022? After reading this article, everyone decides for himself, which type of tourist he belongs, to and where he should fly. For lovers of the sun, beach, and sea, winter awaits such countries as Egypt, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Dominican Republic. For those who can not do without skiing or snowboarding, waiting for you: Bulgaria, Poland, and Slovakia. Of course, there are many more countries, but we will tell you about the most popular and popular in winter in a link.

Favorite Egypt

Leader of the visited countries in the winter, of course, everyone’s favorite Egypt. Despite the fact that the weather is not as warm as in spring or autumn, this does not prevent a great holiday, as prices are very pleasant for everyone. Immediately about the weather, the daytime air temperature will be about 23 ° C, and at night it may drop to 15 ° C. Therefore, it is advisable to take windbreakers or light jackets for the evening.

The temperature drops because of the winds, of which all tourists are already aware. In some areas they are not so noticeable if there are mountains or bays, so make the right choice and your vacation will be successful. But, a good vacation is guaranteed, because the main reason to visit Egypt in the winter is the unforgettable sea. What you see under the water you will be impressed, and make sure you come back. Unforgettable corals and fish at any age will make you happy. At night Egypt offers you night entertainment, so you won’t get bored.

And of course, the cost in winter will start at $500 for two people.

Red Sea

Impressive Thailand.

Let’s talk about far-flung winter destinations like Thailand. It takes 10 hours to fly, but, it’s worth it. It is a most extraordinary and impressive country. The Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, which connects to the Indian Ocean will greet you with perfect arrivals and warm water.

The air temperature will be around 30 ° C, winter is the most ideal time to vacation in this country.

Where exactly to go in Thailand? This question is asked by many tourists, now we will explain. It’s simple, if we go for the nightlife, clubs, and discos, of course, to see the famous drag queen show or the red light street – then Pattaya. To combine a beach holiday with evening life, then you need to fly to Phuket. For those who like peace and privacy, we suggest going to the provinces of Thailand, such as Krabi, and of course to visit Phi Phi.

Because of the long flight, the cost starts at $ 1600 for two people.

Thailand winter holidays

Interesting Sri Lanka

Interesting Sri Lanka beckons its tour program. Holidays in winter in this country, are the most comfortable, because of all day sunny weather.

The temperature will warm up to 29°C, there will be no exhausting heat, and you can easily visit the famous excursions. The ancient city of Anuradhapura, the world-famous Sigiriya rock, of course, tea plantations, a huge number of waterfalls, and much more. Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean, so in addition to the beautiful bays, there will be waves for surfers.

The cost is affordable from $1,200 for two. Also, this country is for those who like solitude, and slowness, because there are beaches that in the great distance you’ll be just the two of you. So we advise you to carefully select the beaches according to your wishes.

Sri Lanka vacation in winter.

The beautiful Dominican Republic.

And of course, the Dominican Republic, where it is summer all year round. If you want to relax on an all-inclusive, as you are accustomed to in countries such as Turkey and Egypt, but with white sand and the Caribbean Sea, then this country is just for you in winter. Columbus considered the Dominican Republic the most beautiful country for the holidays.

Temperatures do not drop below 25 ° C. The most popular resorts are Punta Cana, La Romana, and Boca Chica. In this country filmed the famous advertising bounty chocolate, is just a paradise on earth, for lovers of huge white beaches and incredible colors of water.

Prices in the Dominican Republic start at $ 3000 for the winter.

Dominican winter vacations.

Affordable Bulgaria

Where to go in the winter for ski lovers who are waiting for winter with frosts and snowfalls, we will also tell you now. The most popular and economical country is Bulgaria. Unique country, suitable for all tourists. Beginners in skiing, professionals, or just lovers of family winter holidays will find something to do.

The main resorts are Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo. Our recommendations for resorts:

Bansko – the most popular and where the most pronounced infrastructure. Suitable for everyone.

Borovets is the oldest resort surrounded by a beautiful forest. Here we combine skiing and beautiful views.

The most distant and quiet resort is Pamporovo, as it is the newest and the brightest.

So you have to make the right choice. The price policy in Bulgaria in winter from 300 euros for two, and the frost can be up to 15 ° C.

Family Poland

The next winter country to consider is Poland. The famous resort of Zakopane is probably the most family beautiful. This country is visited in winter just to relax, to enjoy the beautiful scenery and of course to combine it with skiing.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zakopane areas. Kasprowy Wierch is the most difficult and professional for skiing. But if you like night skiing, you should go to Polana Szymoszkowa. This resort is the most popular, gentle, and most importantly, with night lighting. Close to the center of Zakopane is resort Nosal, there are good complexes and schools to teach children. And another resort is Harenda, located on the outskirts of Zakopane. This is an active resort, where various sporting events are constantly taking place.

The price for a winter holiday in Poland is from 600 euros for two people. The temperature in winter falls to -10°C.

Poland in winter

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Popular Slovakia

A very popular and favorite in winter skiers’ country Slovakia. Pristine nature, majestic mountains, rivers, and lakes will be waiting for you there. These conditions attract tourists from all over the world.

On the territory of Slovakia, there are two winter regions: Low Tatras and High Tatras.

The most popular resort of the Low Tatras is Jasna, which is the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe. There is a high level of hotels and a huge choice of slopes. The High Tatras include:

Štrbské Pleso;

Tatranská Lomnica;


On the shore of the lake is located resort Štrbské Pleso, where tourists will do cross-country skiing. The oldest resort in Slovakia is Smokovec. It is just a museum, which is located under the open sky. Tatranská Lomnica is the largest and most beautiful resort with a lot of options for skiing, and it is also a starting point for hiking trails. For family vacations, we recommend the High Tatras, and for skiers with experience, we suggest the Low Tatras.

In winter you can go to Slovakia for 400 euros for two people. The weather in winter is about -7°C.

Slovakia in winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year. We have the opportunity to conquer the peaks of the mountains in different countries. For this ideal winter resort in Bulgaria, Poland, and Slovakia. Various ski slopes, the best hotels, and service will be waiting. But, if in winter you like to enjoy the beautiful sun, sea, or ocean, then countries far or near are ready to meet you. Snow-white beaches in the Dominican Republic, amazing excursions in Sri Lanka, unforgettable emotions in Thailand, or fly to Egypt, which every year pleases with its accessibility and the warm Red Sea. So the choice is yours, where to go in winter.