What’s so special about Vertu phones?

Mobile phones for the rich and famous were designed by Nokia’s Vertu division in 1998. If you can spend $20,000 on a watch, why not on a mobile phone?”

Around 350,000 clients and 500 retail locations were on the books by the end of the year for the organization. Exactly what makes these phones stand apart from the rest in spite of the higher vertu mobile prices? Let’s have a look at it- 

1. There is no screen damage:

Using a 130-carat Sapphire crystal, the second hardest substance on Earth, the screen is composed completely of Sapphire crystal. A 200g steel ball, dropped from a height of one meter, would not break it, they claim. It can only be scratched by a Diamond at the most.

All of this is necessary to avoid the dreaded problem of a cracked screen after spending a lot of money on a computer.

2. Fine leather for the case’s back:

The leather used for the rear case was hand-picked from European tanneries and is of the highest quality. It has a regal appearance and a luxurious feel to it when it’s held. It also has a pleasant scent. There’s no need to cover the rear of it.

3. The Handfeel Is Great

In order to ensure the long-term viability of this device, it is composed of titanium and aluminium alloys. The audio that comes out of the Ear-piece is amplified because to the ceramic cushion that surrounds it. When you take a Vertu phone in your hands, you’ll be delighted by the sensation. Being two times the weight of a typical smartphone, this one feels weighty in the hand.

4. Most up-to-date software on your computer.

It runs on the Android operating system, which is constantly being updated. He supplies you with the newest security features and other Vertu exclusives via a light Vertu customised skin over Android on their phones.

5. The Dolby Atmos Sound System:

The top and bottom speakers of the phone are front-facing Stereo speakers. Dolby Digital Plus sound from their speakers makes you feel like you’re seeing a real-world event. The Microphone’s noise cancelling capabilities are top-notch. The London Orchestra composes all of their high-quality ringtones. So you won’t be able to locate a ringtone that matches your own.

6. The camera is excellent

Cameras approved by Hasselblad are included in Vertu’s smartphones. The most well-known professional photography brand in the world is Hasselblad. Photographs of theirs were flawless; you couldn’t find a flaw in them.

7. World SIM support

What’s so great about SIM? ” “It’s available on every cell phone.” No! Using a SIM card in a Vertu device is an exceptional experience. Vertu, in contrast to normal phones, is capable of using almost all of the GSM bands on the planet. As a result, you’ll be able to utilise a SIM card from any service provider in whatever nation you visit. So it’s a phone for travellers.

8. Stunning display.

The screen is a WQHD AMOLED. With a resolution of 530+ PPI, you’ll be able to read and see everything clearly. Scratch-resistant glass protects the screen from damage.