What Is the Difference Between an Award and a Reward?

Despite the fact that they seem similar, the meanings of awards vs rewards are quite different. However, both are important since they provide a feeling of fulfillment and respect in exchange for one’s efforts. Unlike an award, a reward is not delivered in front of the general public but rather is a kind of remuneration for a person’s efforts.

It’s possible to think of an award as a reward or acknowledgment given to recognize a person’s accomplishments. When it comes to rewards, on the other hand, it refers to anything presented to someone as a thank you for their hard work or service.


In reward vs award, an award is a kind of recognition given to persons or groups that have accomplished something noteworthy. Gifts, awards, trophies, accolades, cash, certificates, etc., are common. Awards are a way to recognize someone’s accomplishments and achievements in a certain profession. When a record is broken, they are also awarded.

Whether or whether an award is significant depends on the reputation or position of the person who bestows it or the person who awards it. Typically, an award ceremony is held to honor the recipient of a prestigious honor. 

Each award has a nomination process that identifies individuals who are both qualified and deserving of consideration. There are a few people or organizations that meet the requirements and are nominated, and the winner is chosen from them.


An individual’s hard effort to accomplish a goal is rewarded with a financial or non-monetary gain. Individuals are entitled to their just compensation for the services they have provided.

A reward is an expression of appreciation given to those who do excellent jobs, are loyal, and aid those in need. Acknowledging an individual’s work is a kind of motivation or incentive. 

There is no public announcement of the awards, which are instead presented to the winners in a private setting, however, this option is also available.

Often, workers in large corporations are rewarded for meeting or exceeding their goals, which results in an increase in their salary or promotion to a higher position in the company. For the sake of their future success, this is being done.

Award vs. Reward: The Differences

  • An award is a kind of recognition given to someone who has accomplished something significant. A reward is a way to show appreciation for someone’s hard work and dedication to the cause.
  • If you’ve done something extraordinary in a certain field, you’ll be given an award. On the other side, a reward is provided for work, service, selflessness, assisting someone, achieving deadlines, etc.
  • In contrast to the usual practice of awarding rewards in secret, it is common to announce awards publicly.
  • However, a reward is selected by the individual who benefited from another person’s behavior, not by a panel of experts.
  • Every award has a nomination process. Instead of awards, nominations are not made.


Leaving aside the aforementioned distinctions, there are some similarities between the two phrases, such as the fact that they both represent something good that has been accomplished and is highly valued by the public. Achieving what one has worked hard for and for which one has been successful is a source of pride and appreciation for the person who has accomplished it.