Want to change your life? Do these things daily

So many of us are not satisfied with our current state of affairs. Some are stuck in a rut; others are far too deep into their comfort zones to do something. 

The constant unhappiness and your lack of initiative to change things can make you stuck in the situation that then causes you to enter a state of despair or even apathy. These naturally are not good for your mental or physical health for that matter. 

In some instances, these feelings of sadness, hopelessness, discontent can also morph into bigger mental health challenges, requiring the help of a Psychologist in Lahore

And even if people want to change, they feel overwhelmed by the monstrosity of the task. There is simply so much to change, and old habits die hard. Dealing with these can then feel too much, which is why people continue with existing, and not living their lives.  

However, what people don’t realize is that even small changes, when consistent, can cause big breakthroughs; you don’t necessarily have to reboot your entire life to get better. Small and consistent steps can yield good results over time. Some helpful things to do in this regard include:

Read books, the good ones 

Reading is an art that’s sadly getting lost. Books are a great learning opportunity and open several avenues for you. They cultivate imagination, thinking and creativity. So, read daily, although, refrain from useless smut. Keep them as a guilty pleasure perhaps, but not for learning!

Do one kind deed

Do a good deed every day, so you get the surge of happiness, whilst sending out good energy in the universe. It does not have to be a big chore, something as banal as greeting a stranger is also an act of kindness. 

Do one kind deed for just yourself 

Just as you dispense kindness to others, do the same for yourself. This will help you practice self-compassion, improving your self-esteem in the process as well. 

Listen to uplifting podcasts

Rather than wasting time listening to white noise or music, spend it constructively by listening to uplifting podcasts. Learn from people, seek creative energy, gain knowledge. 

Give yourself a challenge 

To help yourself get out of the comfort zone, give yourself a challenge every day. Venture out into the waters that you didn’t explore from the fear of failure. 

Take small steps, expect nothing, so even if you don’t achieve the results, you don’t take it personally. But if you do benefit from it, then the return can be great. 

Stop negative thoughts 

Negativity can take a great toll on your mind. The constant spiel of negative and toxic vibes leeches color from your life, and can also make you so angry, for no reason. So, try to pipe down the critical brain of yours. As soon as these thoughts enter your mind, start to question them, otherwise, they will spiral out of control. 

You can also try to replace every negative thought with positive ones, so overall your energy is not depleted. 

Gratitude trackers 

Gratitude has many benefits, including promoting happiness, contentment, kindness, empathy, compassion. So, practice gratitude daily. Write letters to people who have helped you, make a gratitude journal or a jar. Anything to support this habit. 

Do something you enjoy 

Make a list of things that give you pleasure, and make sure to do them every day. Nurture these sources of happiness to improve your mood and outlook. 


Exercise is fuel for the body and the mind, helping keep both fit. Therefore, take up the habit of exercising daily. 

Pipe down on the social media usage 

Social media has its benefits, but too much scrolling can have a grave impact on your wellbeing. It can even lead to anxiety and depression, that then require treatment from the Best Psychologist in Karachi. So, limit your social media usage.