Virtual admin assistant v/s data entry virtual assistant

Virtual admin assistant

handling a successful company takes work. As an entrepreneur, you must manage numerous administrative duties, including renewing software licenses, managing timesheets and payroll, bill refunds, handling human resource duties, and many more.

A virtual admin assistant delivers administrative service to customers from an offshore office. Needless to say, these duties take a considerable quantity of your time. If committed, you can expend this time on your main company activities to develop more income and rev company growth. The mystery of many thriving entrepreneurs is that they hold time by charging non-core duties to virtual admin assistants.

Unlike office associates, virtual assistants take care of themselves, and you don’t have to spend any payroll on your virtual assistant agency other than subscription costs.

Tasks that a virtual admin assistant can complete

Here is the checklist of work you can assign to a virtual admin assistant:

  • Putting up to-do-list alarms for you
  • Delivering basic consumer support
  • Enduring basic HR tasks
  • Handling accounts owed and accounts receivable
  • Working as a digital manager for your crew
  • Handling your email inbox by replying to queries
  • Putting up meetings on your behalf
  • Providing timely income to retailers
  • Dispatching newsletters to your competitors and consumers
  • Market analysis

In addition to these duties, your virtual admin assistant can handle your CRM, book meetings with customers, follow up with customers, handle your social media channels, etc.

Data entry virtual assistant

Whether a small or medium businessman, you should manage a considerable amount of information. How do you handle your data? Do you get it accomplished in-house? If yes, then you are failing income. Now you might be considering how handling data can cost your income. It does.

As an entrepreneur or startup proprietor, your main purpose is to develop marketing plans for your company. Also, it would help if you found ways to cut functional costs. So accomplishing data entry work or getting it accomplished in-house is not a cool decision when you can employ a virtual assistant for data entry.

Data entry virtual assistant is a digital employee who documents or edits data in a CRM or a computer system database. A virtual data entry assistant doesn’t get a monthly income, unlike your typical worker. Rather, you will disburse them on an hourly basis. Moreover, a virtual data entry assistant doesn’t require any leaves. No work implies no money.

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Tasks that a data entry virtual assistant can complete

Here is a checklist of work that you can allocate to your virtual data entry assistant:

  • Organizing, collecting, and sorting out data for entry
  • Reviewing data for precision
  • Editing data and deleting unneeded files
  • Inspecting completed work for precision
  • Keeping records of tasks and activities 
  • Showing data in needed formats

In addition to these tasks, you can allocate any other particular task to your data entry virtual assistant.