Top 13 Tricks to Increase the Number of Comments, Likes, Shares, and Views of your YouTube videos

Every day, people watch over five billion videos on YouTube. However, if you’re a small business trying to boost views and engagement for YouTube videos, you’ll face plenty of competition. The positive side is YouTube has more than two billion active viewers, and their demand for video content increases. In YouTube, the order of channels is generally determined by the number of subscribers. The channels may be different based on the number of comments and likes on every video. This means that comments are crucial in the overall success of YouTube. If you get free YouTube comments, you can increase the reach of your channel and boost the chances of making subscribers. If you’re considering creating YouTube videos to promote your company, make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure that your videos get the maximum engagement from your viewers.

Optimize your videos for Suggestions

YouTube analyses your video’s name along with the description and tags when determining whether it is appropriate to recommend the video to someone who’s just watched a similar video. To improve the chance of being included in the suggested videos ranking, search for the most popular videos with content similar to yours and then use the same tags.

Use playlists and create a series

Suppose you have a friend who likes the content enough to continue watching it until the end. Chances are you’ll like identical or related content that you have on your channel. Keep them engaged by creating playlists that automatically play different videos from your channel.

Check your Analytics frequently

You may be aware of the majority of your YouTube audience’s demographics. But, the data analytics of YouTube can determine your audience’s demographics as well as what types of videos they like and the amount of time they spend on them -is helpful in either confirming your strategy or helping you decide the extent to which you’re not meeting your objectives.

Give Your Videos Attractive titles

The title of a video online is the main factor that determines whether a person chooses to view it or not. Therefore, it is essential to create an appealing title that draws viewers to check it out. Be sure the title is the main keyword and describes the movie’s content. You may want to consider using the word “number” (either that of your video’s year or amount of subjects you are planning to include in the video) and a short description enclosed in brackets like”[VIDEO or” or [HOW-TO-GUIDE], which have been shown to increase the number of clicks. YouTube allows as many as 70 characters in the title; however, studies show that titles that are shorter than 30 characters can result in greater engagement.

Set a personalized thumbnail

Thumbnails are usually the first thing viewers see about your video, so the thumbnail you select should draw their attention fast. If you’re trying to boost engagement, be sure to create custom thumbnails for your video instead of using a freeze-frame generated automatically and extracted directly from your video. According to YouTube, 90 percent of the most-watched videos on YouTube use a separate thumbnail.

Include relative captions

To aid viewers (and Google) to understand the content of your video, be sure to provide a written explanation of the audio. You can include a transcript of your video or take advantage of YouTube’s automated captioning feature, which uses speech recognition to add subtitles for your video. (The speech recognition might not be flawless, and you should check the captions to correct any mistakes before displaying them to the general public.)

Use YouTube Cards in your videos.

YouTube cards function like small advertisements, which you can include in your videos to provide them with the potential for interactivity. Cards can direct viewers to your website, ask them to participate in a poll, or point them to a playlist or another video they might like. You can add up to five cards per video.

Write an informative video description

YouTube can handle 5000 terms (about 800 words) to describe your video. Your first few paragraphs will be displayed in your search results, so start with an impressive 3-4 sentence that includes your preferred keywords. Use the middle to provide additional information about your film’s content. YouTube also contains links to social media and your website.

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Use appropriate tags

YouTube tags are short, specific keywords that give YouTube information regarding the video’s content and context. They are essential ranking factors in YouTube results. Tags must be included in each video, including your main keywords as well as variants of these, your broad category, as well as a range of general and specific tags.

Use trending hashtags

Like similar platforms on social media sites, hashtags make your video more searchable and increase visibility. You can use hashtags within the titles of the videos or in the description. If there are no hashtags in your descriptions, YouTube chooses to use the three initial hashtags in your description and then place them in the title. You can use up to 15 relevant hashtags within the video’s description. If you use over 15 hashtags, YouTube will penalize your video by not showing all hashtags in your description. They may even remove the video from the website.

Create videos on controversial topics

The most fundamental and efficient method is to create controversial videos. Your subject is the primary element in gaining likes and disliking’s shares. If you expect to receive more comments on “How to boil water?”, then it’s likely you’ll disappoint. If you have 10 videos on your channel, it is recommended to take at least two videos that impact viewers.

Simply put, the topic of the video should be able to raise several concerns, “out-of-box questions,” or general discussions. The subject (crypto) will cause the viewers to talk and pose various questions. Make sure the debate should be more balanced. While you’re there, conduct extensive research and study on the subject before making videos like these because viewers are likely to ask you many questions in comments. In the end, you’ll have to answer the questions. Keep in mind, “Your audience is Your Responsibility.”

Boost up your engagement with the audience

There’s a direct connection between the number of comments, likes, and shares the video gets and the rank it earns at the end. It is important to encourage viewers to leave comments, share them, or join the channel. If you encourage viewers to engage in your video content and interact with it, you must be doing the same for them in return–the favour. Be aware of viewers’ comments on your content. Respond quickly to any concerns and be a part of discussions. Being open with your viewers will result in greater engagement, improve your channel’s credibility and lead to increased web visits and even sales.

Share on other social media platforms

A majority of the social networks don’t like it making you post the URL to the YouTube video as they’re encouraging users not to join the social media platform. To prevent this from happening, you can make smaller versions of YouTube videos. Then, post the video as an original one on social media pages, including the hyperlink of the full version inside the comments.