Tips to Fix Mobile Usability Error in WordPress Site

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss a usability problem that most of the WordPress websites have. This issue is known as “Mobile Usability Error”. In this article, we’ll be sharing some insights on what the error is and how it can be fixed in your website.

What is Mobile Usability Error?

Before discussing why this error occurs and how it can be fixed, let’s first see what this error is. As the name says, Mobile Usability Error means that your website is not accessible through mobiles devices. This could be due to some WordPress plugins or themes which are not compatible with mobile devices. So when you go through the desktop version of your website, it looks perfectly fine and when you try to open the same URL through a mobile device you get an error message.

Why Does Mobile Usability Error Occurs?

As we already discussed that this issue occurs due to incompatibility of certain plugins or themes with mobiles devices. So if you’re using such WordPress plugin or theme, then you have mobile usability error. To fix this problem, you need to either try to change the plugin/theme or disable the same.

How to Fix Mobile Usability Error in WordPress Site?

There are mainly two ways through which you can resolve mobile usability error issue in your website:

1) By Changing the Plugin/Theme

2) Disable the Plugin/Theme

You can either try to change the plugin or theme of your website. There are a number of plugins and themes available on WordPress which work properly on mobiles devices as well as on desktops. Here’s a list of some best free and premium responsive WP Themes that you can try:

Premium WordPress Themes Free WordPress Themes Genesis Framework Avada By ElegantThemes. Optionally, you can also buy these two themes from StudioPress SiteOrigin Theme by DIYthemes Live Wire Pro by WPZOOM Themify UltraLinx Admin theme


As we mentioned in the beginning, we’re closing this article with a note that if you’re using some plugin or theme which is not working properly on mobiles devices, then it’s time to switch to other alternatives. There are many such plugins and themes available (as mentioned in the list) which will solve your problem.

If this doesn’t work out for you, then you can go for another option, that is, to disable the plugin or theme. This way you won’t need to change the plugins/themes and if your chosen alternative is not working out well with you, then you can always switch back to your previous choice.

We hope our article was able to help you fix mobile usability error issue in your website. If you’re still having any other problems, then feel free to contact us using the comment section below.