Pros And Cons Of Renting A Studio Vs A One-Bedroom

It might be challenging to choose between the convenience and lower cost of a studio apartment and the extra space that comes with a one-bedroom apartment. Pangea makes it simple for you to make a decision. No matter your tastes, we can help you find a low-cost apartment that’s ideal for you.

A Studio Apartment Is What It Seems

Apartments with kitchenettes are known as studios. A divider divides the kitchen from the bedroom into many homes, yet the two areas are not different dwellings.

The interiors of these two specialised studios are noticeably different. An alcove studio is one alternative design. The bed in an Alcove Studio has its corner with a curtain you can draw to keep things private. The junior one-bedroom apartment is the other studio design. The bedroom in a junior one-bedroom apartment is permanently divided from the rest by a wall. This type of apartments are best for coworking. You can get studio apartments on rent at very good price in city like Nashville. Coworking Nashville apartments are best for working at home without increasing your monthly rental.

Typical studios are between 300 and 1,000 square feet. Moreover, the population density of a given area might affect the scale of these structures. These flats are ideal for tenants who don’t have a lot of personal things and don’t spend a lot of time in their homes.

A-One Bedroom Apartment Is Exactly That: One Bedroom

The living and sleeping sections are segregated in a one-bedroom apartment. Separated bedrooms may also include a few closets. However, studio apartments may have duplicate square footage as one-bedroom apartments, depending on where you live. You can see photos and amenities of Mountain View apartments for rent to make a decision.

Renters who need a lot of room might benefit from a one-bedroom apartment. They’re ideal for tenants who often entertain friends or who want a separate space with a TV and dining table for their use. If you telecommute, a one-bedroom apartment may be more convenient for you since it allows you to keep your work and personal spaces distinct.

The Advantages Of A Studio Apartment

Rent savings are the primary benefit of a studio apartment. As a bonus, they’re less complicated to decorate than one-bedroom residences.

Studio Apartment Rental Options Are Usually More Affordable

Although studio apartments are usually less expensive than one-bedroom apartments, location is essential in determining this price difference. Chicago’s downtown offers more affordable rent for a one-bedroom than New York’s, for example.

Three Minutes Is All It Takes

It is simpler to cram a studio flat with people since it is smaller. A large sofa, coffee table, or dining room table isn’t necessary. It is possible to remove the guesswork from home improvement initiatives that otherwise would be expensive and time-consuming.

Made For Single People

A studio apartment is an excellent choice for a single person who doesn’t spend much time in their residence anyhow. The ideal choice for someone who is often on the move is a studio apartment.

Cons Of A Studio Apartment

Before deciding whether or not to rent a studio apartment, you should be aware of a few disadvantages. There are several common downsides to renting a studio apartment, such as a lack of room and difficulty in choosing furniture that fits.

More Space Is Required

With so many options, it’s hard to know what’s best for your situation. Conversely, less room implies that you don’t need as many items to decorate. There are, on the other hand, very few alternatives for personalizing your residence.

It’s Difficult To Find The Right Furniture For The Room

Because of the limited amount of available floor space, you’ll need to be creative with the furniture you use. A loft-style sleeping room with a sofa beneath the bed or a smaller dining table may be what you’re looking for. To make the studio bedroom operate to your advantage, there are several obstacles.

There Are Several Advantages To Renting A One-Bedroom Apartment

If you have a significant other, living in a one-bedroom apartment has several advantages. Compared to a shared studio or a small apartment, they provide individuals with more room and solitude.

Excellent For Couples

Because of the amount of space one-bedroom apartments provide, a couple may be in two different rooms at once without feeling cramped in a studio apartment. It’s possible to work out arrangements with your significant other so that both of you may enjoy the leisure and privacy you need after a hard day at work.

More Than Enough Room

You may think that one-bedroom apartments don’t have enough area for you to spread out and do your thing. This is a misconception.

You may, however, get a great price on a one-bedroom apartment if you’re looking for:

In the first stages of renting properties.

You want to save money.

Make your home a place where you may feel at home while yet having the freedom to show your individuality.

One-bedroom flats allow you to decorate and create an atmosphere without feeling like you need to spend a fortune on pricey furniture and furnishings.

There Are Several Drawbacks To Renting A One-Bedroom Apartment

It is essential to weigh the pros and downsides of one-bedroom apartments and studios before making a decision. It’s primarily because of the higher costs and the amount of area needed to clean.


Compared to studios, one-bedroom flats are more expensive. Because there’s more room, this should be anticipated. One-bedroom apartments typically cost about $250 more than studio flats, depending on where you live.

Wrapping Up

A one-bedroom apartment or a studio is generally a matter of personal taste. Most of the items in this list may be seen as either positives or negatives, depending on the context.