Peter DeCaprio: The REAL Reason Why Most New Blogs Fail… And How You Can Avoid This from Happening to You

Over the past couple months, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions and comments from readers like: Why is it taking so long for my blog to start making money? How come I don’t have any traffic yet? When will my blog become profitable? What’s holding me back from success? …and many other similar questions. For some people who are just starting out with their own blogs, these common frustrations can sometimes be enough to give up entirely on blogging altogether. The unfortunate reality though, is that even if you do manage to find a way to hang in there and keep going despite these struggles… your chances of eventually overcoming them and succeeding anyway aren’t very high. As someone who’s been working with new bloggers since the early days, I’ve seen a lot of these same challenges being faced by people just starting out. In fact, they’re exactly the same ones that I faced myself when I first got started back in 2008. That was a time before anyone knew what “blogging” even meant. To be honest, even though I eventually managed to overcome them and succeed anyway (and you can too if you pay close attention), that’s still not what I would call an easy journey… …because although the information is out there for how to blog successfully, it often isn’t presented in an organized or easy-to-follow way. And let’s face it… It’s frustrating enough trying to make money online already without having to wade through a bunch of useless information to get the advice you need. That’s why I wrote this article, because it’s time someone laid out everything that new bloggers need to know up-front so you can avoid the most common mistakes and challenges yourself… …and start your blog on the right track from day one.

The Secret Success Formula for New Bloggers… And How to Benefit from It Immediately: Peter DeCaprio

So what is “The Right Track “? Well, just like successful people in other areas of life (whether that’s success with money, success with relationships, or success with making new friends), successful bloggers all follow more or less the same formula for helping them achieve their goals. In case, that means learning how to make money blogging. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that if you can follow this simple success formula yourself, then you should have no problems getting your blog up and running… …and start making a decent amount of cash online with it… So what is this secret formula for success? Well, here’s the deal: Most new bloggers fail because they try to take shortcuts. They want results without doing any work or following proven strategies first. They don’t research anything before they jump all-in and start trying things out on their own. And as a result, they end up wasting time and effort on methods that simply don’t work (which also takes them further away from being successful what seems like the right approach at first, is actually something you must approach with caution… because it’s what separates the people who fail from those who succeed. While experienced bloggers already know how this formula works, newbies really need to learn about it as soon as possible (and that’s exactly why I wrote this article) so they don’t end up wasting time and effort on things that simply don’t work like everyone else does.

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The Secret Success Formula for New Bloggers

As you probably already guessed, the secret to success boils down to making sure you never fall into these 3 common traps (trust me…even if it sounds simple, most people still tend to make these mistakes):

1) Giving Up Too Soon 

2) Trying To Cut Corners 

3) Blowing Your Budget

But how exactly do you know if these are things you’re doing? Well, here’s a quick test to figure it out:


If you’re doing any of the above, then step back and take a deep breath. You’re heading in the wrong direction and it’s time for you to rethink your approach if you want to become successful (and trust me…you do).The Right Way to Do It: If on the other hand, none of those things apply to you, then congratulations! That means that you’ve already learned how successful people think and act…which also makes you one step closer on your journey towards success yourself says Peter DeCaprio.