Living in Houston, Texas: Pros and Cons

Houston is among the largest Metropolis in Texas. The city extends up to Galveston Bay and it’s very close to the Space Center Houston. With a score of 6.9 out of 10 on the Best Place to Live list, there are many benefits of living in Houston.

Houston is a popular city for tourist attractions and people looking to relocate to Texas. The excellent health care system and quality education system of the city are major attraction points for people looking to move to the stunning and big town.

Like any other city, living in Houston has its disadvantages like expensive electricity, expensive health care system and heavy transport. However, most of its residents disputed that the advantages of living in the city have to outweigh the disadvantages by far! 

If you’re considering moving here and would like to know if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, let’s look at living in Houston, Texas pros and cons.

Pros of Living in Houston Texas

Are you considering moving to Houston but wondering whether it’s the right choice! Below are some of the advantages that living in Houston has to offer:

  • A Great Diversity

Houston has gathered different people from different walks of life courtesy of the northerners’ relocation to the south, and immigrants moving from the south of the border.  This diversity exposes the residents of the city to different cultures, foods, art, and music. 

Besides being close to the Southern Border, Houston is near the Gulf of Mexico, enabling it to play an important role in international trade, thereby bringing more opportunities and contributing more to the diversity of the area. 

Over the past two decades, several foreign-owned companies have moved into Houston, providing a broader range of talent, job opportunities and expertise for the residents of the area. 

  • Excellent Education System

Living in Houston Texas pros and cons are many, but a great advantage of the city is its excellent educational system.

As a newcomer, you have a wide range of top-rated public schools to choose from for your child. Several international colleges offer strong academic portfolios with a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Houston, TX, has 247 public schools, and 382 private schools, out of which 163 high schools have been ranked among the Best High Schools by the U.S. News and World Report.

There are also 13 universities and colleges in the city, two of which have been recognised by the U.S News and World Report.

  • Many Arts and Recreational Centers

Houston quality of life is improved by the presence of many arts and recreational centers. 

If you’re to stay in the industrial city, you can’t help but fall in love with its arts, galleries, boutiques, parks, and museums. The biggest tourist attraction center in the city is the Johnson Space Center, but there’s also one of the biggest world green spaces, the Memorial Park Conservancy and the Discovery green in Houston.

If you’re a fan of music, there are local music performances in the evenings and hundreds of museums, classic theatre dramas, and musical operas to keep you entertained. 

Due to its diverse population, Houston boasts of lots of traditional exhibits and modern street arts. 

  • Different Foods 

Still, comparing living in Houston Texas pros and cons,? Then here’s an added advantage! Houston is a home to different types of dishes, you can find anything you need to satisfy your craving. 

Being diverse in cultures, Houston neighborhoods offer savory and palatable food experiences to its residents and visitors. 

They have lots of Mexican restaurants, amazing barbeque joints, fresh and cooked seafood, food trucks and about 500 Tex-Mex eateries. These eateries offer a combination of Northern Mexican and Texan twists. 

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? No worries, Houstonians have a large culinary scene for you. 

  • Excellent Health Care Facilities

Houston offers one of the best health care in the world due to its exceptional healthcare facilities. 

There are lots of treatment options, no shortage of second opinions and there’s little or no waiting list. If you’re retiring or looking for a place to start a home with a good healthcare system, consider Houston Texas. 

Cons of Living in Houston, Texas

Everything with advantages has disadvantages and living in Houston isn’t an exception. However, the pros are more than the cons. 

  1. Extreme Weather in Summer

According to residents, there are two summers; hot and hotter.  The summer months can be uncomfortably hot with temperatures as high as 40°C (100F). This hot weather can be daunting for newcomers that are used to mild temperatures.

From November to June is regarded as the hurricane season which often comes with heavy downpours, severe flooding, and cyclones. 

If you’re moving to Houston, then consider taking flood insurance. 

  1. Electricity Can be Expensive

Electricity is very costly in Houston. Their electric bill is about 26 percent higher than that of other cities in the United States. 

The electric bill is higher during the summer months due to the severe heat that leaves residents with no other option than to leave the air conditioning running throughout the day.

  1. Expensive Health Care System

Despite having incredible healthcare facilities, Houston’s healthcare bills are expensive. 

The city has fallen short of the national and state average government expenditure for health care systems. Their insurance system is also complicated and hard to figure out. 

  1. Heavy Traffic

Like most busy cities, there’s lots of traffic in H-town. The city’s heavy congestion can leave you stuck for hours in the traffic especially if you’re travelling from one neighborhood to another. 

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H-town has lots to offer anyone that chooses to reside there. From its diversity, foods, recreational system, quality education to excellent health care facilities, Houston is no doubt a city worth relocating. 

It’s among the biggest cities in the US with everything being perfectly arranged and spaced out. The town boasts a good real estate market filled with affordable houses. Whether you’re looking for single or multi-family homes for sale in Houston, TX, the Realized Properties Team is available to help you find your dream house!