How to Try On Wedding Dresses Just for Fun

A wedding is an event where a couple dictates a long-lasting commitment to one another. Before trying wedding dresses, brides-to-be do not necessarily need to have a definite wedding date or plans. Ladies can decide to try on wedding dresses for fun, to feel pretty, and be happy. There is no need for an occasion to try on wedding dresses, to see how lovely they are on an individual.

Wedding dresses remind a couple of their special day. Most brides spend a lot of money and time when looking for the perfect wedding dress for their wedding. It takes mostly ten months for brides to choose their dream dress. Finding the perfect wedding dress is stressful, and it is okay to try various dresses before choosing. 

Trunk Shows

When looking for the perfect wedding dress, it is wise to find salons that offer trunk shows. In a trunk show, the bridal boutique and a bridal designer collaborate. During this collaboration, the designer will showcase various wedding dresses for some days. Most bridal boutiques only have a selected number of styles from the bridal designer’s collection. 

During trunk shows, the brides-to-be have the opportunity to try on and view wedding dresses. These dresses would generally be unavailable at the boutique or in the country. Also, brides-to-be can purchase wedding dresses at a discount in a trunk show. 

Call the Salon and Make an Appointment 

Calling a bridal dress wedding salon to book an appointment is one of the first steps to take as a bride-to-be. When a bride wants to try on wedding dresses, booking an appointment in advance helps notify the bridal stylist. Wedding dresses require the time and undivided attention of a bridal stylist. It is etiquette to call the salon for wedding dress appointments. 

Some reasons why it is standard wedding dress etiquette to call the wedding salon beforehand are:

  • Making an appointment is essential to inform the bridal stylist of your intentions.
  • Be respectful and on time for your appointment because most stylists always have to tend to other brides.
  • Always dress appropriately in good undergarments because the stylists will be helping out with dressing up.
  • Let the bridal stylist select the dresses you can try on to keep them organized.
  • Politely give feedback to the stylist about the selections.
  • Have a realistic budget; make your budget known to the stylist to avoid going over the budget. 

Dress Up for Fun

Most prospective brides find trying on wedding dresses at the bridal salon fun but stressful. There’s no harm in trying on pretty wedding dresses and twirling in the mirror for fun. While trying on several bridal clothes and searching for the perfect dress, brides and their friends can take a glass of champagne. Some thoughts and moments brides have while trying on the wedding dresses are:

  • Bonding with the bridesmaids and talking about how the bride envisions the day. 
  • Sharing fashion insights with their friends about various wedding styles and how comfortable they are on the body.
  • Understanding the individual state and preferences of each person present in the room with the bride.
  • Sometimes, prospective brides tend to overthink when trying on wedding dresses. 

Bring Friends Along 

Brides should show up at the salon with their friends to have fun. When the prospective bride has friends around while trying wedding dresses, it keeps the bride at ease. The friends will help the bride get her vision while studying her style and giving advice when needed. 

The bridesmaids or maid of honor can also look for bridesmaid options when the bride wants to take a break. There are several unique options that have popularized like incorporating vibrant colors like green, through emerald green bridesmaid dresses, or shades representative of the summer season, like burnt orange or gold. 

Say Yes to the Dress! 

Finding the perfect wedding dress is not always straightforward. However, once the prospective bride finds the perfect dress fit for the occasion, it will serve as a benchmark. The best-chosen dress will then serve as the benchmark for when the time to buy the wedding dress comes. 

The suitable dresses usually need fittings to make them the perfect size. It mostly takes ten months to make a choice, buy, and fit the perfect dress. 

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Have Fun Trying On Wedding Dresses!

When a prospective bride sees the perfect dress, it becomes the standard whenever it is time to make a purchase. Individuals can try on wedding dresses at salons or boutiques without making a purchase. During trunk shows, brides get a discount on the wedding dresses they purchase.