How to Survive a Negative Cash Flow by Aron Govil

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent. The one that is best able to adapt to change by using its abilities and resources will survive.” 

This is an article about adapting to change. 

  • If you are having trouble paying your bills it can be very difficult to find a solution. I know, because right now I am having trouble paying my bills and it is very frustrating.
  • I read an article that described how someone who had fallen on tough times was able to dig himself out of the hole he had created for himself. The method in which he achieved this was through reverse engineering his problem. This post will attempt to explain what this means and hopefully help you achieve your goals in your own life says Aron Govil.
  • First we must understand why people fall into negative cash flow situations in the first place so we can prevent them from happening again in the future and see just how easy it would be to climb back up when they do happen. Generally these situations are caused by an unforeseen turn of events such as job loss or medical bills.
  • According to the article I read, he just kept asking himself “what is negative about this situation?” And then continuing to ask that question until he found his best answer. We are going to keep repeating that process over and over again so we can see what our best possible outcome is using our limited resources.
  • Let’s pick the most common reason why people fall into a negative cash flow situation (not being able to pay their bills) and use it as an example of how you can fix your own problem in your life.

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  • When faced with not being able to pay my bills I need to reverse engineer my problem by asking myself something like: What is positive about this situation? Let me start by saying that in the past my life was very stressful because I would spend months living paycheck to paycheck. I could never do anything fun with friends because my money was so tight and it made me so sullen that I was always arguing with people. If this situation helps me recall all of the things that stress used to cause in my life then this is positive towards solving the problem because now I know what negative aspects will be solved by finding a solution.
  • Next, what is negative about this situation? My bills are due but I don’t have enough money to pay them. This tells me exactly how much money is missing from my budget (which happens to be $5,000). Now let’s go back over the question what is positive about this situation? I used to live with stress all the time caused by living paycheck to paycheck. I would argue with people almost every day because of money problems. So far we have a total of negative $5,000 and positive $7,000 in my life so let’s see if we can use these numbers to find a solution for the problem at hand.
  • This is where reverse engineering comes into play. How can I add $5,000 more dollars into my life? The best answer that I have come up with is pretty simple: Work overtime on Fridays and Saturdays(2 paid days) and then pull one less paid day from next week’s schedule(saving 20 hours *$20/hour = $400). Now I need only solve the problem of how I can offset the loss of one day by recouping $400 in savings. The best way to do this is to cut my food spending by eating out less or not eating out at all. These are simple solutions that anyone could think of but it shows just how fun and easy solving your own problems can be if you have an open mind about what the solution may entail.

Conclusion by Aron Govil

By asking yourself simple questions like “what is positive about this situation” and “what is negative about this situation” you can quickly come up with possible solutions to any problem you are facing. This method of thinking has worked for me in the past and every time I use it I am left feeling revitalized, full of positivity and ready to take on the world!