How to Remove Scratches from Sunglasses

It is critical to eliminate scratch marks from glasses because they can cause headaches in anyone. Every eyeglass wearer has scratched their glasses at some point in their lives. You may have dropped your glasses several times while bending, playing your favourite sport, or keeping them in your handbag or pocket without a case. Scratched glasses are like nightmares for eyeglass users, especially those who wear prescription sunglasses with high power glasses.

Methods for Removing Scratches from Glasses

Don’t be discouraged, because there is still hope. Here is a list of helpful hints for easily removing scratches from your glasses. If the scar endures, repeat the procedure. This is the most common, cost-effective, and time-saving method for removing unwanted scratches from glasses. You can also consider getting eyeglasses discount options instead if the scratches persist after all efforts.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is another common household item that can be used to remove scratches from glasses.

Make a thick paste with one spoon of baking soda and half a spoon of water.

Apply this paste to a scratched glass surface and rub it in a smooth clockwise direction for 10-20 seconds with a cotton ball or soft cotton cloth.

Wash the glasses in cold water and dry with a soft cloth. If the scratch remains, repeat the procedure.

Another simple, inexpensive, time-saving, and effective method for removing hard scratches is to use baking soda.

Vehicle Cleaning Wax

Vehicle cleaning wax is intended for polishing vehicles and is also an excellent option for repairing scratches on the glass and plastic lens.

Cotton wool or a soft cotton cloth should be used to apply vehicle wax to the scratched area of the glass.

Gently rub the affected area until the scratch is gone.

With a soft cloth, clean the glasses.

The vehicle cleaners wax fills in scratches and makes them easy to remove.

The vehicle polishing wax fills in scratches and makes them easy to remove.

Brass,Silver, or Metal Polish

Brass, silver, or metal polish is another product that can be used to remove scratches from plastic frames.

Using cotton wool or a soft cotton cloth, apply a small amount of polish to the scratched area.

After rubbing it for a few minutes, remove the excess polish from the lenses with a clean soft cloth.

This treatment should not be used on lenses because it may damage the coatings. Because it is a time-consuming and costly method, few people will attempt it.

Glass Etching Cream

Glass etching cream is a far superior method for repairing scratches on glasses. On plastic eyeglasses, any commonly available glass etching cream containing hydrofluoric acid will suffice. Apply a heavy layer of glass etching cream to the surface of the lenses and allow it to settle for 5 minutes without rubbing the lenses.

The lenses should then be rinsed and wiped clean with a clean cotton cloth. The glass engraving cream will peel off, as will the scratches. Glass etching cream is toxic to glass lenses and therefore should be avoided in such situations. Regardless of how simple the procedure is, this technique can be costly and risky because lenses can be damaged if the cream is left on for more than 5 minutes. If your panels have plastic or polycarbonate lenses, the best way to remove the coating is with an etching cream. Using a cotton bud, apply the cream to the lenses (both sides). Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before washing it off. The coating will be stripped.

Use Baby Oil

Power up the scratch marks and polish the coating with baby oil. Apply a small amount of oil to the lenses and gently massage in circular motions with a microfiber cloth over the scratch. Rinse and dry the lenses thoroughly with water.

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Final Verdict

The methods mentioned are temporary things to fix that work on the eyeglasses but do not guarantee complete removal of scratches. These remedies will not help if the scar is obstinate, deep, and hard. Furthermore, it is a risky business because the lenses may become more damaged as a result of any of the above processes, and instead of doing good, you may end up harming the lenses even more. Not to mention that the toxins can rip off or harm other coatings. As a result, if you believe you are unable to remove scratches from glasses on your own, it is best to seek the assistance of professionals.