How Does Swiggy Clone Empower the Food Ordering Startups

As in the present day, if you are tired of preparing the food at home then, there is no need to visit the restaurants which are offering the takeaway services or the restaurants which offer you the food at their premises. There is no need to suffer from the journey from your place to the kitchens of the restaurants. There you also have chances of waiting for your turn to arrive.

Instead of indulging in all these kinds of tumultuous processes, you are just one single tap away. All you need to do is to install an app on your device which facilitates you to order food from the restaurant you want and get it at your doorstep within a fraction of minutes. 

This online food ordering and delivery app enable you to save your time and lets you enjoy the food at your convenience and pleasure. All the credit goes to the technology used that has taken not only paced-up the food ordering sector but many other sectors which we are not aware of. 

Many food ordering companies such as Uber Eats, Zomato, Domino’s, Pizza Hut have their contribution at the peak for making this online food ordering helpful platform, which saves the time, money, and infrastructure cost of the restaurants and the consumers.

In this post, we are going to discuss one of the most popular food ordering apps in India.

The app reaches out for you to escape when hunger is measuring your patience level in your appetite. The app offers you help to groove like a rockstar when the craving for food blocks your movement. This app is none-other than Swiggy, which satisfies your appetite with just one click.

What Is This Swiggy App All About?

Swiggy is an Indian food ordering application that was initiated a few years ago. It was founded in July 2014 based in Bangalore and is conducting its business in over 500 cities of India. Apart from delivering food, it also provides many other services of ordering groceries online by the name of Instamart and a rapid online packages delivery service named Swiggy Genie. 

This application is being launched by Bundle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This company was founded by an initiative of facilitating courier services in India. Later on, its founders Rebranded their company name to SWIGGY by an initiative of Switching their business sector from courier service to food delivery in India. 

At that time, this business idea was not trending in India. There are very noticeable startups like food panda, tiny owl(which is now seized by Zomato).

There are many food delivery applications in India nowadays, but the majority of attraction was grabbed by Swiggy. Now it is considered one of the best apps for Indian customers for delivering the food by ordering from an application installed in the devices of customers with just a single click.

Some interesting facts to know about the Swiggy App:

  • Has been doing business for more than six years.
  • To meet the immensely growing demand, it has hired over 5000 employees.
  • It has generated a revenue of about $370 million.
  • It has recorded around five lakh app installations.

After going through some interesting facts mentioned above about this online food delivery app, many entrepreneurs are thinking of initializing their business by creating an app similar to that application as we all have witnessed the growth of creating an on-appeal for the development of Swiggy Clone, and it is not everybody’s cup of tea to create an app like Swiggy. Let’s see what kind of specifications you can expect from an app similar to Swiggy.

What Are The Attributes We Should Expect From Swiggy Clone App?

It is not just speaking about the creation of a Swiggy Clone application. But when it comes to developing an application, we have to keep many things in our mind along with it. Develop a clone app and provide it to some trusted users and ask them to give their valuable feedback as every company does before launching its product in the market. 

After receiving the feedback from the users, you can now create a blueprint of an application before keeping it in the development phase.

Without the blueprint of an application, you cannot just develop it without any analytics and cost factor, and you can’t just dive into the market as it impacts you to very severe failures. Therefore, Swiggy Clone App must contain the following 4 Distinct modules with features:

Customer App:

  • Login through social media
  • Scheduling of an order
  • Sort and filter
  • Profiles of restaurants
  • Search by categories
  • Ratings & Reviews

Stores App:

  • Updation of Profiles
  • Open /closed status
  • Manage the products
  • Sales statistics
  • Order cancellation charges

Admin Dashboard:

  • Manage Restaurants
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Profit mode setting
  • Payment modes
  • Set service charges

Delivery Man App:

  • Adding Banking Details
  • Notifications
  • Order History
  • Manage order accept/decline requests
  • App tracking
  • Send transaction details

An app also has an interface of a website through which you can perform all the operations which are available in its mobile application. The feature also covers-up placing an order adding and managing the profiles of its users.

List Of Companies That Offer A Swiggy Clone Solution :

Elluminati Inc. is an on-demand food delivery app offering company that can give you a suitable Swiggy Clone solution for your eatery business.

It is a Swiggy Clone app development firm that provides you with the optimal solution for your restaurant business to gain a new look.

Sparkout Tech is one of the Swiggy Clone App developing companies that serve your business to the mark solution, which brings up your business in the market.

Cost Estimation Of Developing A Swiggy Clone App:

We cannot just expect a Swiggy Clone App to be developed at cheaper rates. So as far as the estimated costs for creating a Swiggy Clone App are concerned, their specific parameters are involved in deciding the price of an application. First of all, we would like to discuss that the cost estimation of developing an app would be dependent upon which platform you wish to develop an application. The development cost would be dependent on the following factors:

  • Location of the developers
  • The total number of developers occupied for the development
  • Designing of an application
  • Testing of an application

Last & foremost, also the cost of developing an application depends on the total number of features the customer demands, which will increase the complexity of an application directly.

So the cost of developing an application depends on how complex the application is and the above-mentioned factors.


So as to conclude, one would like to say that, by building a Swiggy Clone Application for users, you can enlighten the customer experience through the process of placing an order is made very easy. Through the development of an application, you can say that a customer’s precious time is being saved as it will promote your business in the future.