How do I incorporate AI copywriters into my business?

Every day artificial intelligence is being used in new ways to improve our lives and businesses. Businesses large and small are using AI tools to improve efficiency and free up human resources for more complex and creative tasks. One area of AI that has seen impressive advancement in recent years is language generation, and it is being used to great effect in marketing and brand management.

Copywriting is essential to business success. Connecting with customers or clients is largely driven by SEO-friendly web content, and you can’t afford to be missing out on these opportunities to build your brand. AI tools like GlideSEM can streamline this task. 

How AI copywriters work

Artificial intelligence mimics and expands on human learning, so a language-generating AI has studied a vast array of web content to learn not just how to put a sentence together, but how to come up with content appropriate to the topic you give it. 

Benefits of AI copywriters

Clearly, one of the prime benefits of using AI is increased speed and volume. However, perhaps even more important than the amount of content you produce is the quality of that content, specifically the use of keywords to improve your search rankings and thus the likelihood of connecting with customers. 

With so many platforms out there, another key benefit of using an AI to generate ad copy is that it eases the burden of constantly reworking your sales pitch to suit each platform. You can save repeatable brand info in your profile, then simply add product details, and the machine will give you a platform-appropriate copy.

The “generative” part of a copy-generating AI is also a major benefit. Sometimes your marketing team is tapped out, and these tools can give brainstorming a much-needed boost.

Using AI copywriters 

A good AI copywriting tool will give you various ways to incorporate it across your business. Short writing tasks they might be used for include generating captions for social media posts or titles for blogs, subjects for emails or ideas for video topics (and the best titles to go with them). Longer work AI can assist with includes product descriptions, ad copy, blog posts, summaries, and even books! 

Once you’ve chosen the type of writing you need, the process varies a little across tasks. Some provide you with an appropriate format, allowing you to skip straight to the essential concepts you want to convey. In order to generate platform-specific ad copy, for example, you simply enter keywords and a straightforward description of your product, then let the AI cook up the perfect (and most rankings-friendly) phrasing for that ad.

On the brainstorming side, AI can be a great place to start when writing blog posts. Just enter a title or topic and the AI copywriter will outline your post for you.

Then, if you get stuck, AI can pick up where you left off. You may be familiar with predictive text from your email or messaging service, but it can do a lot more than finish a sentence! Gone are the days of writer’s block, as AI can take a topic sentence and spin it out into a paragraph. 

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Give your brand a boost today!

From generating ideas to finishing your sentences and paragraphs for you, an AI copywriter can be your brand’s best friend. Look to the future, and see where AI can take you and your business.