Dinar as well as Dirham in Indonesia

The Gold Dinar continued to be the main Islamic money till the collapse of the Footrest Realm in 1924, when it vanished for 77 years. Indonesia as a nation with highest Muslim’s population on the planet need to have a large history concerning Islam economic. And it’s in fact best. Islamic money had actually ever before been exist in Indonesia.

Nowadays the majority of Indonesian individuals do not know that Dinar and Dirham were ever made and also used in Indonesia as a legal cash more than 600 years earlier. Because the 14th centuries, the ancestors had actually been familiar with both kind of money. dinar chronicles

In Ying Yai Sheng Lan publication, written by Ma Huan, the office clerk and also translator of Admiral Cheng Ho, throughout his visiting to North Sumatera (1405-1433), stated that Samudera Pasai used dinar intel with 70% gold, and Keueh made from tin (1 Dinar = 1600 Keuehs). As we understand, Cheng Ho was a voyager. He was born around 1371 in China’s southwestern Yunan Province (just north of Laos) with the name Ma Ho. Ma Ho’s papa was a Muslim hajji (that had actually made an expedition to Capital) and the family name of Ma was made use of by Muslims in depiction of words Mohammed.

Samudera Pasai released very first Dinar as Sultan Muhammad held the power (1297-1326). In the period of Sultan Ahmad Malik az-Zahir, Dinar was better known as intel dinar Dirham Mas, released in 2 type, Dirham and half Dirham (1346-1383). Then when Aceh overcame Samudera Pasai (1524 ), custom of publishing Dirham Mas expanded to entire Sumatera as well as Malaka Peninsula, also Dirham was still used till Nippon army got landed in Seulilmeum, Aceh Besar, on 1942. Today, the use of gold system (1 gold = 2.5 gr) can still be discovered in West Sumatera, as a measurement of trading, especially for land trading.