Purchase Guide – STPE15 – Dell EMC Clariion VNX5300 Storage Array Controller – Specifications and Reviews

The storage array controller is a device that manages storage arrays and primarily comprises the three kinds of components, namely, cache memory, central processing unit, and connection interface with the network and memory devices. The VNX series is designed for a broad range of environments, including midtier through business. The STPE-15 VNX5300 is the introductory model for the VNX integrated platform designed for the mid-range entry space. The model provides file and block services, block only services, file only services, and utilizes a DPE (Disk Processor Enclosure). File facilities are provided by the DME (Data Mover Enclosure).

The storage array controller uses a 4-core 1.6GHz Xeon 5600 processor with 8 Gigabytes of RAM for a total of 16 Gigabytes RAM between the 2 SPS and supports a max of 125 drives or 360 Terabytes raw. The max number of pools is 20, with a max number of 16 Terabytes LUN size. In this post, we will focus on all the details that will help you in buying a Dell STPE-15 EMC VNX5300 storage array controller.

Product Overview 

The Dell STPE-15 EMC VNX5300 delivers high-performing unified storage with supreme efficiency and simplicity, optimized for practical applications. When you buy this storage array controller, you will achieve new heights of data storage compliance, protection, performance, and ease of management.

The VNX OS software provides high-performance capacity optimization. EMC is a unified, extensible management platform with an instinctive user interface for handling storage on Celera, CLARiiON, VNX, VNXe, and EMC RecoverPoint SE systems.

  • Optimized: Optimize for virtual applications with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware integration. You will make the speed of Oracle database and virtualized SQL workloads 3 times faster and boot up to 1,000 virtual desktops in less than eight minutes.
  • Unified: Central management makes running simple. Data productivity services decrease your capacity requirements to 50 %.
  • High Performance: Take benefit of Flash-optimized output utilizing flash drives for extendible cache 


X-Blade: CPU/MemoryIntel Xeon 5600 /6 GB
Control Stations1-2 1u Server
File X-Blades1-2
8/4/2 Gb/s FC Max Ports per Array16
Maximum Ports/Array24
IO Embedded Ports/Array4 SAS ports and 8 FC ports (two BE SAS buses)
Max Block Ultraflex IO Modules per Array4
CPU/Memory per ArrayIntel Xeon 5600/16 GB
Raid Options0/1/10/3/5/6
Drive Enclosure Options (DAE)25×2.5-inches SAS/Flash Drives-2 U 15×3.5-inches SAS/Flash Drives-3 U
Array Enclosure3U Disk Processor Enclosure
Min/Max Drives4/125
Environmental Parameters
Minimum Operating Temperature10 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature40 °C
Humidity Range Operating20 – 80% (non-condensing)
Width44.5 cm
Total storage capacity2.4 TB
Modules Qty/ Installed devices15 (max) / 8 (installed)
Host connectivity8Gb Fibre Channel
Height13.3 cm
Enclosure typeRack-mountable – 3U
Depth61 cm


The Dell STPE-15 EMC Clariion VNX5300 Storage Array Controller provides absolute simplicity and high performance by combining a spontaneous user management platform with the superb computing power of the VNX EMC series. Made to maximize data protection and compliance while saving a substantial amount of data, the Dell EMC 5300 Disk Array controller continuously outpaces expectations whenever utilized in conjunction along with Celerra, EMC Recover Point SE, CLARiiON, and VNX systems.

Built to control both block data management and file, the EMC VNX 5300 Array Controller is the ideal solution for business persons looking to improve management functionality, reduce capacity demands, and reorganize technical applications; all save time as well as money. 

Benefits of Buying Dell EMC Clariion VNX5300

Following are the advantages you can have after buying a Dell STPE-15 EMC VNX5300 storage array.

  • Effective, Faster Performance – The high-performance array lets you take benefit of Flash tech by utilizing flash drives to enhance your virtual storage pools and extend your cache. 
  • Virtual Performance – With the EMC VNX 5300 Array, you can get more out of your simulated applications, counting Oracle, SQL, Microsoft Hyper-V integration, and VMware. Virtual optimization allows you to boot 1,000 virtual desktops in under eight minutes.
  • Efficient Data Processing – It can store the same amount of data by only consuming half of the space. The EMC 5300 Disk Array VNX cuts your volume requirements in half, letting you do extra for less.

Product Reviews

  • The VNX series features FAST Cache, which influences the better IOPS and lower response time of flash drives deprived of dedicating drives to specific apps. It addresses a hot spot somewhere in the array, enhancing application output, especially for workloads with unpredictable and frequent significant increases in input/output activity for a better Total Cost of Possession.

Final Verdict

It is a solution for enterprise and business owners to streamline operations. It would help if you gave it a try at least once, considering its specs and performance. We hope you enjoy this review. Kindly wait till we come with another one.