What skills and qualities make excellent online teachers?

What skills and qualities make excellent online teachers?

Teaching is a great career that helps you impact the future by engaging bright young minds continuously. A teacher’s work is extremely demanding, and they must employ many talents to do their job properly. Knowing what traits and talents make a successful teacher might help you prepare for this profession.  Teachers must be able to … Read more

Quantitative Aptitude: How To Master This?

Quantitative aptitude tests are commonly called “Quants” among students. It is generally a test that prestigious institutions conduct through national-level exams to test students into solving numerical questions. If we talk about management entrance exams and other government exams, then,  This is probably the most crucial section as it holds the utmost chance of accuracy … Read more


The subject cannot exist without the existence of problems in mathematics. Mathematics is all about finding solutions to problems in a systematic way. Adopting a problem-solving approach to solve maths problems develops the ability to think, crack and get solutions easily. Students often get maths assignments as a part of their curriculum. Being a complex … Read more

What is the Risk in Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management

Do you know? Nearly 88% of companies have become agile, says Gartner. Undoubtedly, the Agile culture is becoming popular with more companies adopting the mindset. Although Agile can provide optimized outcomes, the processes can miserably fail if left unsupervised. It means the Agile projects encompass risks and vulnerabilities, which, when ignored, can cause massive havoc. … Read more