Best PDF Merger tool of 2022

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to merge png to pdf files. The top PDF merging solutions make it straightforward to combine png to pdf.

There are several scenarios in which multiple PDFs must be combined into a single file. Perhaps you’re sending many payments to accounting and want to keep them together. Perhaps you’re compiling a number of reports to give to a coworker. Or perhaps you’ve printed many online pages as PDFs and need to combine png to pdf converter online.

So, these are the top PDF merging tools that are currently accessible.

PDF Soda

Soda PDF is another all-in-one PDF management software product that includes a competent merging function. This platform is particularly appealing because it is available both on the web and as desktop applications for Windows and Mac.

Both versions of the software link to Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to instantly access your online files. This is especially important in the age of remote working when people routinely utilize several devices to handle their data. 


ILovePDF is a one-stop-shop for working with PDFs that features a simple file merging tool and it also convert png to pdf converter online. To begin the merging process, you must upload your PDFs to the web platform, although this is made simple with a drag and drop option. ILovePDF may also be linked to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.

Among the many useful functions, ILovePDF allows users to combine png to pdf, divide, compress, convert, unlock, and watermark PDFs with a few mouse clicks. Once your files are online, you may modify the merging order by rotating pages or dragging and dropping PDFs. To make dealing with your files easier, the platform displays thumbnails of each page. When you’re finished, simply click ‘Merge PDF,’ and your new document will be created.

ILovePDF is free to use for combining up to 25 PDFs and a total of 100 MB. Premium membership costs a nominal monthly price and allows you to combine up to 200 files or 1 GB of data. However, the presence of advertisements and a file limit of 25 are not awful for a free solution. This is the tool to use if you don’t want to pay for your PDF merging.

Convert PDF to Word

PDF Converter is a dependable PDF merging that can handle the majority of your file requirements. Through seamless conversion, you may integrate PDFs, Word documents, photos, and more. The web-based merging tool is simple to use and allows you to reorganize files by dragging and dropping them. 

The fact that all uploads are secured with 256-bit encryption may be the most significant feature of png to pdf converter online for certain customers. This functionality may make PDF Converter a must-have for anyone who frequently converts sensitive documents into PDFs.

Basic PDFSam

pdf Basic is PDF merging software for Windows, Mac, and Linux that runs on the desktop. Unlike many of its rivals, PDFSam does not limit the number of files that may be merged or the frequency with which the application can be used.

Naturally, you get what you paid for. This program can combine png to pdf and split PDFs and reorganize pages rapidly, but that’s about it. You can’t connect to your cloud storage or email or share merged PDFs from the app.