Best 3 Metaverse Cryptocurrency Coins

Although the term “Metaverse” has not taken over the mainstream’s attention yet, it seems to be taking social media and cryptocurrency circles by storm. As the chatter about this mind-blowing technology becomes commonplace among crypto and tech investors, it presents a potent investment goldmine.

Backed by a giant tech firm, Metaverse potentially has a significant bearing on the future of technology. Such a prospect and the fact that the coins are still rather affordable are driving many into Metaverse investment.

That said, not all Metaverse crypto coins are worth your money. It is prudent to only go after the coins that bear significant performance potential or solid financial backing.

Here are the top 3 considerations to think about.

1. Bloktopia or BLOK

A decentralized Metaverse, Bloktopia came into existence in late 2021 fully undergirded by polygon blockchain. Investors yearning for this coin are especially drawn by the highly immersive and engaging experience the crypto promises thanks to its high-end VR integration.

At the core, Bloktopia mimics a skyscraper comprising 21 levels designed to pay homage to the 21 million Bitcoin tokens supplied. It aims to act as a central hub where users can easily access immersive content and any other useful crypto information.

A token holder will be identified as a “Bloktopian” and will generate income through network building, owning virtual real estate (REBLOK), playing games, and advertising (ADBLOK). To enhance user experience through top-of-the-range visualizations, Bloktopia will leverage the best-in-class real-time 3D Creation Engine.

Some of the sites you can buy BLOK from include, KuCoin, Uniswap, LATOKEN, and

2. Verasity or VRA

Coming into life in 2019, Verasity Metaverse crypto relies on blockchain technology to revolutionize the experience users derive from AdTech, esports, as well as digital rights management. In other words, Verasity has its sights on the $160 billion fraud menace marring the AdTech market.

Through its VeraViews solution, the Metaverse project combines blockchain with its Proof of View technology to track down and intercept the enduring problem of online traffic fraud. VRA seeks to eliminate cases of artificially inflated ad views by making sure only human ad views are accounted for and charged for.

Under VeraEsports, VRA has partnered with esports big names to afford users the finest gaming content infused with top-notch technology. Whether as players or watchers, users can then earn digital rewards applicable in the real world. Furthermore, with VeraWallet, a user can transact VRA, redeem their earnings, and transfer VRA to other digital wallets.

To purchase VRA, head over to OKX, Bittrex, Poloniex, KuCoin, or

3. Decentraland or MANA

From the sound of the name, this Metaverse crypto project depicts a virtual decentralized world. The crypto was launched in 2020 and in it, users explore adventures, create masterpieces, and trade digital goods in a completely virtual world owned by themselves.

Its native token is denoted as MANA allowing users to trade in various digital assets. A user can purchase or sell land, avatar attires, estates, and names in the virtual marketplace. All transactions are backed by Etherium blockchain.

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Using the Builder tool, a user can also create challenges, scenes, and art. These creations allow them to participate in different events and win accolades that can be monetized.

You can easily buy Decentraland from Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, BitYard, and