Ask a Car Accident Attorney: Can You Talk to Friends and Family About Your Case?

Matters of the law should always be handled delicately, so it’s hard to know what information you can share with your loved ones after the incident. It’s obvious that some cases should never be discussed with anyone but your attorney, but what about car accident cases? Your car accident attorney needs to hear as much about your case as possible, but can you also share information with your friends and family? Read on for some advice.

Can You Talk to Your Friends and Family About Your Car Accident Case?

You should never speak to anybody about a case if you’re under investigation for a crime. Family court cases should also be kept private. Car accidents, on the other hand, may seem like an unintimidating type of case, and you might feel safe to share information about yours with family and friends.

While theoretically there isn’t too much sensitive information that you shouldn’t share during a car accident case, you should still be careful about discussing your lawsuit with anybody but your car accident attorney in Houston, TX.

Why Is It Best to Keep Case Discussions Between You and Your Car Accident Attorney?

If you’re trying to win compensation after a car accident, then the other driver’s insurance company may wish to call upon your friends and family to serve as witnesses to your current state of health. They’ll likely do this if you’re trying to prove that you were injured. If you share a lot of information with friends and family, then they may include lots of it when giving their witness statements, and everybody knows that memories aren’t infallible.

Different family members and friends may recall slightly different stories if you’ve told them about the events in the lead-up to your car accident case. They also may wish to voice their opinions if you’ve told them what’s going on in negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company. Both of these situations can make you look bad in front of the insurance company and the liable driver’s attorney.

3 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Discuss with Friends and Family During a Car Accident Case

1. Your Injuries

Many of your car accident injuries will be obvious, and naturally, your friends and family will be very concerned about your health following a car wreck. However, it’s generally smart to avoid talking about the specifics of the injuries with anyone but your attorney and your medical team.

Obviously, you can’t hide a cast or a visible cut, but keep the details about the injury to yourself unless your lawyer tells you it’s safe to share them. The other driver’s insurance company will try to use anything they can against you. Even something as simple as saying “I’m fine” when someone asks how you are could be used against you later to claim that you aren’t hurt as badly as you claim.

2. Your Feelings

Many people who’ve been involved in even minor car accidents end up with PTSD, and that can be hard to hide. However, you can be compensated for pain and suffering, so your emotions can be considered relevant to the accident lawsuit.
You may think talking to people about how you feel shouldn’t harm your case, but the other driver’s team could try to use anything against you. If you seem too happy, or even too sad, then they may try to use this to get you to lower your claim. It’s beneficial for you to speak to somebody if you’re suffering badly. If you need to share your feelings, speak to a therapist or counselor.

3. Your Liability

You may not be liable for your car accident, and you might want to tell your friends and family that. However, what if the other driver’s legal team finds it suspicious that you’re being so vocal about your lack of liability? It’s best to keep the liability details to yourself, in person as well as online. Just telling the story can be an issue, as your friend may “hear” something different from what you actually say, and in the courtroom, a misremembered detail could be harmful to your case.

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What Else Shouldn’t You Talk to Friends and Family About During a Car Accident Case?

Your attorney isn’t going to discuss your case with anybody due to attorney-client privilege. It’s only fair that you do the same. As well as the above, avoid talking about the following with family and friends:

  • How big of a settlement you could win
  • How negotiations with the other insurance company are going
  • How long you think it will be before you’re paid your settlement
  • Your attorney’s estimates of how much you could win

Sharing is part of being human, but it’s rarely a good idea to discuss the details of lawsuits with people who don’t need to know them. It’s best not to share the details of your case until after it’s closed and you’ve won your compensation. You, your attorney, and the other driver’s team are the only people who really need to know what’s going on when your case is still open.