Are Gaming Laptops or Desktops Better?

Gamers want to get not only the best possible performance from their set up, but also the most immersive gaming experience they can. This is why people often spend thousands of dollars on a gaming computer. But when it comes to the crunch, is there much difference between a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop?

In this article we will explore some of the main differences between a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop and what the benefits of each are.

Gaming Laptops

Obviously, the main benefit of purchasing a gaming laptop as opposed to a desktop is the portability of them. If you travel a lot or live between multiple places like home and college, then a gaming laptop is going to be a lot easier for you to manoeuvre. There are, of course, devices that bridge the gap, namely NUC’s (essentially a portable desktop in a box), however, even with an NUC you still have to carry a keyboard and mouse with you and have a monitor / TV to plug into at the other end. 

While lower end gaming laptops often come in slightly cheaper than desktops, they often have to compromise on components to achieve these prices, so sometimes the hardware isn’t what it is in a comparable priced desktop. Battery life is also an issue with laptops, especially when gaming sessions can last hours in one sitting, so this is another consideration.

Gaming Towers

Gaming desktops have a number of benefits. They are much more customizable, which means if you want to upgrade the machine in the future you can simply slot in more memory or other hardware. This gives the machines a much greater life span than your average laptop. However, desktops can be a lot more expensive. Usually the ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario comes into play here as desktops tend to have faster processors, more memory etc.

Another huge benefit of a desktop over a laptop, is that it is much more difficult for a desktop to overheat. They have more space inside between internal components, and more fans available, plus they are not ever used on laps, so this is beneficial to the life span of the machine.

Performance of desktops is also usually heightened (although a high end laptop is going to out perform a low end desktop), but generally speaking, you’re usually getting higher specs in desktops which will allow for seamless gaming. 

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While gaming can be done on both a laptop and a desktop, generally a desktop is going to give you better performance as the specifications can be much higher. They also don’t run the risk of overheating in the same way a laptop does, which can be critical to your device. With this in mind, if you don’t require the portability of a laptop, then a desktop is usually going to give a better gaming experience.