Apply For Professional Scrum Master™ or PSM™ Training and Learn How You Can Become a Better Scrum Master

PSM™ or Professional Scrum Master™ is an activity-based and interactive course in which the candidates acquire a strong comprehension of the role of the Scrum Master and Professional Scrum. Through an amalgamation of exercises and discussions, students grow an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of the mindset of Agile and Scrum while at the same time learning the operations applied by thriving Scrum Teams. After you complete your PSM™ training, you can apply for the certification examination of PSM I or Professional Scrum Master I, for it is internationally recognised.

Let Us Take a Look at The Course Overview

During the PSM™ training, the professional mentors challenge their students to explore the principles of Scrum and Agile to make them better understand what they have to do when they apply Scrum in order to support their organisations and teams.

Developed by®, the course uses a mixture of activity-based and instructor-led learning in which students are to work with one another in teams. PSTs or Professional Scrum Trainers use their skills as expert trainers by bringing their Scrum master stories and experiences to the class in order to deliver the material in their unique style of delivery. The outcome is an enjoyable and engaging experience of learning so that the participants can get a deep understanding of the accountabilities of a Scrum Master, the principles and theories of Scrum and why all the elements of the framework of Scrum are very essential.

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What Are the Learning Objectives of This Course?

Through PSM™ training you will learn the behaviour shifts, traits and skills that are needed to become a Scrum Master. You can throw light on what role is being played on the team by the Scrum Master. You will also understand the significance of self-managing teams. The certification training course of Professional Scrum Master™ will teach you the meaning of Done and why it is vital to transparency. Upon the completion of the training, the students understand the importance and meaning of the values of Scrum, the complexities and uncertainties of product delivery. You will be able to comprehend how every part of the framework of Scrum ties back to the theories and principles. You will also acknowledge the principles and theories behind empiricism and Scrum. So, now you can assist your Scrum Team to provide value to your organisation.

The certification training course of Professional Scrum Master™ or PSM™ is suitable for candidates in any industry where people are working to resolve complex problems. Therefore, the course of PSM™ is appropriate for you if you are a practitioner who is interested in initiating a career as a Scrum Master. This course is also beneficial to people who are Scrum coaches, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters and consultants who wish to refine their use of Scrum. Lastly, the advantages of the training course will benefit anyone involved in the delivery of products using Scrum.