All You Need to Know About Hiring an Indecent Exposure Attorney

The law tackles indecent exposure cases seriously, so you must know the potential implications if you find yourself guilty of the misdemeanor. If you’re dealing with a case of indecent exposure, you have got to hire an attorney, especially if you think you weren’t guilty.

This article will teach you all you need to know about the misdemeanor and the steps to get an indecent exposure attorney. Before diving deep into the guide, it’s essential to understand what indecent exposure means in the first place.

What Is Indecent Exposure?

Indecent exposure refers to the practice of a person exposing their anus or genitals solely with the intent to satisfy their sexual desire or to arouse themselves or a victim, whether intentionally or recklessly.

Indecent exposure is usually a misdemeanor. However, if there is any physical contact, it could escalate to a full-blown sex crime or even a felony, fueling the need for an aggravated sexual assault lawyer.

While the definition of indecent exposure seems simple, the prosecutor will need to prove that the act took place and prove that the perpetrator did it with sexual intentions.

Since the law considers indecent exposure a misdemeanor, the possible penalties may be serving up to a year jail term or paying a hefty fine. The circumstances surrounding the incident may also influence the sentence, as a repeat offender will receive harsher sentencing than a first-time reckless offender.

Having the support of a qualified attorney makes it easier for you to navigate the case. The following section will expound on some valuable tips that may help you get a qualified indecent exposure attorney.

Who Is an Indecent Exposure Attorney?

An indecent exposure attorney is responsible for defending indecent exposure cases. They try to use relevant details from the event to prove the innocence or intent of their client(s) in a bid to get a more lenient sentence or a possible discharge and acquittal.

Qualities of a Good Indecent Exposure Attorney

An attorney should have the required knowledge in the field before standing up to defend a case. Since knowledge comes with experience, having a Houston sexual assault attorney well-versed in the case will increase your chance of escaping the lawsuit.

Investigation and preparation are critical factors in coming up with a decent counterargument. A competent attorney should ask you essential questions about the event to help make an excellent case for you.

It’s also crucial to avoid underestimating the importance of effective communication between your attorney and you. If your attorney seems to be unresponsive to messages and calls, the potential outcome of your case is indeed worrisome.

How to Hire a Good Indecent Exposure Attorney?

Hiring a qualified attorney isn’t rocket science; checking previous reviews of the law firm should help you out. Since indecent exposure isn’t a common misdemeanor, it’s understandable that you may be unable to get direct reviews from friends and family.

However, you can always take advantage of the firm’s website. Most law firms have a website that shows a summary of their experience. Prioritizing firms that focus on sex crimes and indecent exposure cases will increase your chances of getting a qualified lawyer.

Also, a responsive legal counsel willing to reply to your calls and supply you with information about the case’s progress is more likely to be a qualified indecent exposure attorney than those who don’t. Asking for proof of their experience with related cases is also not too much before entering a contract with the firm.

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One of the worst ways to get an attorney in a case of indecent exposure is to let your emotions cloud your sense of judgment. The consequences of emotionally-driven decisions may include poor decision-making, among others.

When charged with indecent exposure, consider contacting sex crimes attorney in Houston as quickly as possible to increase your chances of getting a well-deserved discharge and acquittal.