8 to Choose the Best Mattress and Pillows for You

If you’re in the market for new bedding, the number of options can be overwhelming. Consider this your guide to choosing the best mattress and pillows for you and your family, whether you prefer soft or firm mattresses, memory foam or latex, white or black bedding, and more! We’ll walk you through how to choose the best mattress and pillows to suit your preferences and your budget – plus, we’ll give you links to some of our favourite electric adjustable bed suppliers so you can get yours today!

1) Assess the quality of your sleep

Most of us get plenty of sleep, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting quality sleep. When you wake up after a good night’s rest, do you feel well-rested? Or groggy? How about when you take your dog on a walk in the morning? Do your legs feel like concrete pillars are attached to them, or do they feel light as air? If it’s a little bit of both, you might be surprised to learn that it could be due to your mattress and pillows.

2) Test out mattresses in store before buying

It’s important to test out mattresses before buying because there are several brands that claim they have a good night’s sleep, but in reality, your body is on electric adjustable bed suppliers.

Also, it’s crucial to evaluate your comfort preferences: A mattress might be great in terms of spinal alignment, but if you need extra cushioning or prefer something firmer, that could mean some serious discomfort. Make sure you know what you like before making a commitment—and don’t be afraid to ask store employees what their favourite models are! Keep in mind: Your back will thank you later.

3) Consider firmness, comfort and support factors

Every time you turn over in bed, it can cost you in terms of comfort and health. To ensure that your sleep is as comfortable as possible (and keep your mattress and pillows lasting longer), consider choosing a firm mattress that has been adjusted so that it provides support where you need it.

Most mattress problems aren’t linked to an old mattress; they are caused by too much wear-and-tear over time. So don’t be afraid to choose a firm mattress even if you think yourself a firm sleeper – all mattresses need some adjustment to your body weight, regular habits, etc., especially when used regularly. If you think something may be wrong with your current setup, try to visit electric adjustable bed suppliers.

4) Always sleep on a new mattress for at least 30 days

Your mattress is probably one of your most important purchases after a vehicle, so take advantage of sleep experts’ advice by making sure you really know what you’re buying. Many people think that their mattress only needs a 30-day break-in period, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable enough after that amount of time, don’t assume you need to get used to it.

Instead, try sleeping on another brand or style; perhaps even at a hotel or someone else’s house. If after 60 days (or even longer) your mattress still isn’t doing it for you, make sure to speak with store managers about an exchange or refund.

5) Know your sleeping position

Choosing a mattress isn’t just about buying what feels good. It’s also important to take into account your sleeping position. Understanding how you sleep will help you choose a mattress that is not only comfortable but long-lasting, too.

Sleepers who sleep on their side need a firmer mattress with increased support because they are prone to experiencing pressure points on both sides of their body. Those who sleep on their back benefit from softer mattresses so they aren’t pushed into uncomfortable positions as they sleep at night. Back or stomach sleepers require soft surfaces so they won’t be pinned by pressure points in any one area of their body.

6) Know if you are sensitive to heat or pressure points

Many people are sensitive to heat or pressure points when they sleep. That’s why many mattress stores provide 10-15 minute test periods before you buy a new mattress, so you can make sure it feels good. If you do find that your new mattress has a bad pressure point or two, consider adding a memory foam pad or pillow top cover as an inexpensive way to improve comfort and performance.

If you don’t like firm beds, be sure your old mattress is completely out of commission before getting a new one; otherwise, it will absorb all of your new mattress’ pressure points. Finally, if sleeping hot is an issue, check out gel foam mattresses as they are more breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses.

7) Consider what position your partner sleeps in

Your sleep position can play a big role in how you choose your mattress and pillows. Stomach sleepers have different needs than side or back sleepers. Side sleepers typically prefer softer, thinner mattresses so they aren’t as likely to be uncomfortable at an angle.

If you find yourself constantly sleeping on your stomach, you’re probably better off with a firmer mattress that will keep your hips in line with your back. A good resource for determining which kind of mattress is best for which positions are mattress experts Choose Your Sleep Position quiz. It helps narrow down what kind of bed might work best based on how you rest at night.

8) Learn how pillows can affect your health

Many people think they don’t need a pillow as long as they have a bed, but sleeping with or without one can make a difference in how you feel. According to board-certified neurologist Charles H. Lu, MD, of New York Medical Specialists PLLC, pillows are crucial components of a great night’s sleep.

A common cause of neck pain is an improper pillow that does not properly support your neck and head alignment during sleep, Dr. Lu says. If your pillow is too thin or flat, it will put pressure on your neck, forcing you to turn from side to side all night long.

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Of course, there are a number of other factors that can affect your experience with a mattress and pillows. They include things like body weight, body type, sleeping position, room temperature and so on. Consider some or all of these points when shopping for new bedding. Happy shopping! 🙂