6 Effective Herniated Disk Pain Relief Remedies

A hurtful back can be something very painful to deal with. Most of us, I guess, have experienced this severe back pain once or more in our lives. While there are many possible reasons for suffering from back pain, a herniated disk remains an important one. YES, Suffering from a painful back could be more troubling than you think.

What is Herniated Disk Pain?

In simple words, this is basically the back pain arising from your lower back and traveling down to your legs and calf region. The pain is often very sharp and associated with the tingling sensation. The major reason behind herniated disk pain is the aging related damage to your disk known as disk degeneration.

The condition is treated in many ways. From medicinal to physical therapy, many things can help to provide herniated disk pain relief. However, in some severe cases, surgery comes as the only possible solution. One of my uncles who suffered from severe herniated disk pain ultimately had to visit the best neurosurgeon in Lahore for the surgery. It took him a few weeks to recover however surgery is often a solution that usually comes at a later stage.

What are Some Herniated Disk Pain Relief Remedies?

Normally, people try to manage pain on their own. Yes, there are many herniated disk pain relief remedies that are fairly helpful in treating the pain. If you also suffer from pain then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are some of the easiest herniated disk pain relief remedies.

1- Apply heat and cold pack

When it comes to herniated disk pain relief, the application of cold and heat is generally very helpful. Both of these are the easiest remedies for back pain relief. When you apply heat this ultimately helps to provide relief from the pain by improving the blood circulation in your affected area.

However, in the case of a cold, the application of cold is known to constrict the blood supply as well it creates the feeling of numbness. The best part about heat and cold therapy is that both of these methods are hassle-free and all you can do is prepare your hot and cold pad at home. Just apply heat and cold packs alternatively severely times during the day and see how your back pain relieves.

2- Be careful with your movements

Our body movements can be the reason that we are exerting more pressure on an affected herniated disk. Not being conscious of your body movements can worsen your existing pain. So, one has to be very careful with body movements while suffering from herniated disk pain.

A part of it can be maintaining good body posture whenever you are standing, sitting in a position or even lying. People who have to sit for hours due to their work nature should be more careful and ensure that they are not putting their back in a position that can add to the existing wear and tear.

3- Fight inflammation with foods

Yes, your food choices are absolutely important whenever you are looking for herniated pain relief. The inflammation in the affected area can be the reason that these episodes of pain are endless. However, one of the easiest ways to fight this inflammation is through food. You can add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet.

Turmeric milk is one such good example. All you need to do is to add a little bit of turmeric powder that is a power anti-inflammatory agent to a warm glass of milk and drink it before you go to sleep. Other than turmeric many other foods can help you with herniated disk pain relief.

4- Stretches and exercises

Herniated disk pain can be painful but do you know that doing the right kind of exercises can help you to get rid of this pain. There are many different kinds of stretches and exercises that you can try to get rid of this troubling pain. When it comes to the stretches and exercises, be mindful that only choosing the right ones and doing them right can help you with pain relief. So, it is always better to consult an expert before you choose an exercise for yourself.

5- Seeing a therapist

A physical therapist is the right person who can help you with herniated disk pain relief. By helping you with your body movements, your physical therapist can be a great help in treating your problem of herniated disk pain. There are many physical therapy centers where hundreds of patients recover from herniated disk pain.

6- Massage therapy

Though many people believe that massage therapy can help you to get relief from herniated disk pain. Though massage therapy can not help you find the right solution for your problem of a herniated disk, it can reduce the severity of pain by soothing the muscles in the surrounding area. So, yes massage therapy can be a short-term relief for herniated disk pain.

Bottom Line!

Herniated disk pain is one of the common health trouble. All these herniated disk pain relief remedies can help patients to manage pain on their own. However, if nothing seems to improve the condition then one must seek out help from a physician and get himself treated accordingly.