5 Questions that You Must Ask Before Enrolling for a Flight School?

So, you have finally decided to enroll in a flight academy and realize your dream of flying an airliner. But, wait! Have you prepared your questionnaire? 

If you are wondering why you need a questionnaire, think for a second. Don’t you want yourself to be trained under the supervision of highly-experienced pilots?

Assuming your answer is yes, that is why it is important to know about your training academy. There are several flight schools across The United States. However, it would help if you eye for the one that brings out the best pilot in you. And, that can only happen if you assess and choose your school cautiously. 

On that note, here are five questions that you should be asking the flight academy before joining them:

1.     What will be your payment structure, and are there any discounts available?

Though money should not be your first priority while joining, it is essential to confirm beforehand whether or not their tuition fee fits your budget. 

Remember, the cheaper the school, the lesser exposure you will have. Cheaper schools may not train in the best of locations under the best of pilots. 

Therefore, before asking for discounts, ask them about simulation hours, ground school hours, flight training hours, training equipment and material, etc. 

Finally, after fetching all the details, you can move to the discount part and ask for a flexible payment scheme. 

2.     How often will I fly, and what aircraft do you use for training?

Aircraft type and detail are among the most critical questions to be asked from your flight academy

Old aircraft need frequent repairs and are relatively risker to fly. For a newbie, they may not be a feasible option. 

Moreover, flight hours also play a crucial role in training. You must ask them how they schedule a student’s flight training. 

More flight hours mean a better understanding of the aircraft. 

3.     Where will I fly?

Different locations give you different experiences. For example, training on sharp community runways will enhance your landing and takeoff ability. In contrast, training on a commercial runway will add a professional touch to your approach as it involves establishing proper communication with the ATC and other highly-qualified professionals. 

Therefore, it is essential to know the type of airport and runway your flight academy is accredited to use. 

4.     Who does the maintenance and repairs of the training fleet?

Lousy repairs can be catastrophic and life-threatening. Therefore, it is essential to know who takes care of the repairs and maintenance operations. 

Usually, in flight training schools, pilots do a pre-flight check, but the presence of an AMO or Aircraft Maintenance Organization is essential to give final clearance to the flight. 

It is relieving to know that your flight has a professional clearance to fly. 

5.     Will there be any personal support available in case I struggle during training?

There are many students in a batch. Therefore, flight academies are unable to attend every student. 

To avoid such a scenario, it is best to ask beforehand about batch strength and trainer availability. 

It is always good to have someone around who can guide you when doubts encroach your mind.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right flight training school directly impacts how good a pilot you turn out to be. 

A supportive staff that can guide you through the challenging training phases is essential for every student. They can help you master the basics and eliminate all your doubts. 

Therefore, it would be best if you could prepare a detailed questionnaire including these five questions before enrolling in a flight academy.