11 Actionable Networking Tips Busy Writers Should Adopt

Networking can allow you to connect with skilled writers and publishing professionals in no time. The more professionals you’re in touch with, the easier it will be for you to achieve your writing goals. 

Growing your network as a writer doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time and effort. Here are eleven simple yet effective networking tips that can help you grow your network faster whether you’re an introvert or extrovert – keep reading!

1. Read Books by Other Writers

Writers are always on the lookout for valuable feedback. They want someone to review their work which values writing as much as they do. As a newbie writer trying to grow your network, the most important thing to do is read the books of fellow writers and give feedback on their work.

Doing so will strengthen your connection with other writers and help you identify the elements that make a book attractive to readers. 

It’s not difficult to find new books published by young writers. You can take a look at social groups of writers to find newly-published books in no time. 

2. Arrange Giveaway Sessions

As a writer, you need to build a network of loyal readers as much as you need to add professionals to your network. The best way to convince readers to connect with you is by arranging a virtual giveaway session. 

Arranging a giveaway session doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. You can arrange a challenge and reward the winners with a free copy of your new book. 

The best way of arranging a giveaway session is by relying on digital channels. You can use social media to create buzz about your giveaway session and arrange the sessions online easily. 

3. Spend Time on Social Media

Social media is a true goldmine for finding connections. The best thing about social media is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to use it. You can create accounts for free and connect with as many people as you want without buying a subscription plan. 

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on social media to grow your network. You can rely on a single platform where most writers and publishing professionals spend time. Limiting your focus to one social channel will help you save time and effort. 

4. Become a Good Listener

There’s a common misconception that you need to talk more to add more people to your network. However, if you analyze social psychology, you can easily find out that people who talk more cannot win more connections by simply talking. 

You must maintain two-way communication with people you meet to show you are an avid listener. Respect the fact that the other person talking to you also has stories to share, and you must pay attention to their views.

Build the habit of listening to others rather than talking. This habit will allow you to come across as a humble person when you talk to someone you’ve never met before, increasing your chances of winning more connections. 

5. Explore Writing Platforms 

You cannot rely solely on social media to find reliable writers and professionals. If you have explored different social channels and haven’t been able to connect with anyone, you should try exploring online platforms that are meant solely for writers. 

For example, you can read the online list of the best book editors in the UK to connect with good editors in no time. 

6. Participate In Writing Competitions

Participating in writing competitions is a great way of building new connections and sharpening your writing skills. Following the guidelines set by the judges and competing with other writers will help you identify your writing mistakes and develop strong connections. 

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on writing competitions. Participating in writing competitions won’t take up all your time if you only focus on famous writing content. 

7. Help Newbie Writers

It might not be easy for you to link with skilled writers. Instead of spending all your time following established writers on social channels, it’s better to reach out to newbie writers who need your help to grow your network. 

Adding newbie writers to your network is not a difficult process. You can check out the famous writing groups online to meet with newbie writers in no time. Make sure you ask for a review from the writers whom you help so you can use those testimonials to build your credibility. 

8. Enroll in a Writing Class

Another great way of adding more people to your network is by enrolling in a writing class. Taking writing classes not only helps you sharpen your writing skills but also enables you to connect with newbies and professional writers alike. 

It’s not necessary to enroll in an in-person writing course to add more writers to your network. If you have a tight schedule, you can consider taking an online writing course that can be managed easily in your daily routine. 

9. Improve Your Communication Skills

It won’t be easy for you to reach out to new people if you don’t have good communication skills. This is why you need to get rid of shyness and ensure you can speak clearly whenever you meet a new person. 

Improving your communication skills is super easy if you enroll in an online course. However, if you cannot complete a course, you can consider asking for advice from writers you know. 

10. Visit Your Local Community Center

Relying solely on digital channels is not the best way of growing your network. If you want to add more people to your network faster, you should consider joining a community center in your area. Meeting with people in person will help you find more writers in no time. 

11. Don’t Shy Away From Following Up

You won’t be able to maintain connections with writers and professionals if you don’t follow up with them. Instead of shying away from reaching out to someone you know, it’s better to sharpen your communication skills so you can keep the connections alive and get help whenever you need it.